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[Guide] Which is The Best IELTS Class in Bhaktapur?

The Best IELTS class in Bhaktapur – Number 1 Guide

If you are searching for the best IELTS class in Bhaktapur, then this is clear that you never want to settle for less. Through this whole article, we will guide you on how to choose the best place to study IELTS in Bhaktapur, Nepal, and some lists too. For the best ielts in kathmandu click here.

best ielts class in bhaktapur

How to decide the best IELTS class in lalitpur or any other city?

Deciding the best should be synonymous with the quality of IELTS training the institution provides you. Yeah, yeah, I know that… But what does quality mean? Quality means everything from your initial pre-placement test to decide your level of English to the final hour of preparation before you sit for the test to boost the hidden confidence in you and wipe out your exam fear.

Factors to consider while choosing your best IELTS class near you:-

1. Education Ministry’s Approval

A notice by the Ministry of Education warning about the fraudulent or an attempt for fraudulent conduct.

best ielts class in kathmandu nepal

Warning: Most of the consultancies in Nepal are still awaiting the government’s approval. With a list of hundreds of consultancies, only a few of them are legally valid, meaning that they don’t even exist in the eye of the Ministry of Education (MOE). Here if any fraud, which we hear often in News, the government can do nothing for your unwise decision of choosing your best IELTS class in Bhaktapur. Look at some examples widespread in the internet:-

Read this case of misconduct by consultancy

Watch this case of misconduct by consultancy

Bottom line:-Ask them to show their certificates alias you will end up wiping your tears while searching the best IELTS class in Kathmandu, Nepal. But how do I know the correct certificate of approval? Below is one sample.

best ielts class in kathmandu nepal
Admission through us:- Admit to the consultancy of your choice and get up to 70% of your IELTS fee paid by us. Click the contact button on the bottom-right corner of your screen. We will check every legal framework for you. Receive online support about IELTS and updates according to your need.

2. The Quality of the Instructor

Consider that you are misled by Google Maps. Will reaching your destination be an easy task? That’s why the teacher’s quality matters. In fact, it is the most important factor influencing student achievement. So, dare to ask the quality and proof for the effectiveness of the tutor. Many consultancies, not all, hire teachers that need very low investment, and there comes the free IELTS game. A teacher who sat for the test knows the system better. Hence, ask for the IELTS certificate and other IELTS related training attended by the teacher. Hence, the best IELTS class in Bhaktapur also means best tutor.

Bottom line:-For the best IELTS class in Bhaktapur, Nepal, teachers should have a previous self-experience of the test and a band score of not less than 7, which is the minimum qualification required for teaching IELTS according to the MOE.

3. Resources and study materials

The more you get exposed to English, the faster you will learn the language. Unfortunately, most of the consultancies offer you a book, just for the sake of saying free study materials, and around 80% of the time these books are practice books by Cambridge instead of the coursebook. Initially, what you need is a coursebook, not a practice book. In fact, you can download all those practice books in the internet for free.

Bottom line:- Before you admit, ask for a coursebook that guides you through all the components of IETS and then all you need is a practice book.

Download IELTS practice Cambridge books – Book 1 to 14 for free 

4. Alumni Scores

best ielts class in kathmandu nepal

History speaks loud, doesn’t it? So, before you choose, either ask some industry experts or listen to someone who is an alumni. A consultancy with a poor history of band score symbolizes its ineffective effort to improve it. But how would I know? Don’t worry good scores are like pieces of cake which will be on display hanging aside near the walls of your institution or else you have to rely on the recommendation of your peers and relatives who have scored well.

Bottom line:-Until you are sure that someone has scored well from that institution, don’t decide it to be your best IELTS class in Bhaktapur, Nepal.

5. Class Size and Length

best ielts class in putalisadak

Unlike western countries where IELTS classes run for at least three months, here in Nepal the course doesn’t last for over 45 days. Reasons? Read fast and apply fast so that consultancy can earn fast. For the decision of the best IELTS class in Bhaktapur, study well about the length of the course they are offering you. The longer the better.

The next important factor is to consider the size of the class you enroll in. Many students complain about the large-sized class, sometimes 60 students per group in 60 minutes class. Oh, poor you! What will you learn when the teacher on average has just a minute for you? The size should not exceed 20 if you want personalized care from the tutor.

Bottom line:-Choose a consultancy or institution that offers a course of at least 45 hours but not days, as days might include all holidays. Also, the group size should be limited to 20 students.

6. The Ambience of the Classroom

Do you remember the first day of your college? Well, don’t you? You remember the classroom, desk, bench, but not what the teacher taught you that day. That’s why the classroom ambiance matters. Dare to visit the classroom. Is it a full-fledged audiovisual or the traditional whiteboard class?

Bottom line:-Visit the classroom and find out the ambiance.

7. Regular Test and Feedback

A desire won’t give you the score you need. Practise correct practice will. That’s the reason for the frequency of mock tests and feedback sessions to be considered as another factor while deciding the best IELTS class in Bhaktapur, Nepal. Most of the consultancies know this and at least once a week they organize a mock test, but the problem is actually on the feedback system. You will be left alone with the score you got, no explanation on why that score and no feedback to improve it.

Bottom line:-Ask for the sample mock test result and feedback paper that contains every single detail that you are looking for.

Complete IELTS guide here

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