How to answer how would you improve something?

How would you improve your apartment?
How would you change the place where you study to make it better?
If you could, how would you improve your university/workplace?

Language step 1 Changing X Phrases
Let’s have a look at how the two IELTS candidates, Alice and David, use the changing X
Alice To I would start , mpkg witWthe moreplace space bygettingrtf o/sp^tjuit e pf^mythings sfn^l’ fiiJrfHy*- !
David My university campus is quite scruffy and run-down. I suggest the authoritidsimprove it by spending more money on up-keeping the grounds and modernising the
classrooms… ‘ ‘ • • •
•. it i
Notice how both Alice and David start by identifying the problem, then go on to use the
structure improve X + by + verb-ing/make X + comparative + by + verb-ing to talk about
changes they would make or they suggest others make.
For changes you would make
would improve X + by + verb-ing/wouldmake X + comparative + by + verb-ing
I would improve my bedroom by putting posters on the walls.
I would make my living room cosier by buying a new sofa.
I would improve my flat by getting a new wardrobe. 99
For changes you suggest others make
suggest someone improve X + by + verb-ing/suggest someone make X + comparative +
by + verb-ing
I suggest the government improve the air quality by restricting the amount of cars in the city.
I suggest the school authorities improve security by building a wall around the playground.
I suggest they makg the city more attractive by planting more trees and flowerbeds.

Language step 2 The “Would Have Something Done” Passive
Let’s look at how the two IELTS candidates, Alice and David, use the structure would have
something done.
Alice …I would have the windows made bigger and lighter curtains made andfitted
David …If I were in authority, I would have new classrooms built, I would have the sports
facilities repaired…
Notice how Alice and David use the structure would have + something + past participle
to talk about what they would get others to do.
First look at the difference between the active (what you would do) and the passive (what
you would get others to do):
I would makg the windows bigger. = I would do it myself.
I would have the windows made bigger. = I would get someone else to come and do it for
100 www.nhantriviet.rom
Part One
Look at these further examples of the passive:
I would have a new kitchen installed.
I would have the walls painted different colours.
I would have my motorbike fixed.
I would have a brand-new bathfitted.

Language step 3 Comparatives of Convenience
Let’s look at how the two IELTS candidates, Alice and David, use the comparatives of
Alice …Then my flat would be much cosier.
David …Having a more modern campus would make life more pleasant for us, and the
place more appealing to visitors.
To say how the changes you propose would make life better, you should use the following structures:
then X would be -I-comparative
…then my university campus would be warmer.
••i 101
…then my dorm would be more attractive.
life would be more convenient.
my living room would be more comfortable.
doingX /having Xdone + would make (something /place) + comparative
Having a carpet fitted would make my room more beautiful and warmer.
Putting up
a few pictures on the wall would make my dorm more attractive.
a new kitchen would makg life more convenient for me.
Buying a new sofa would makg my living room much more comfortable.

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