How to answer what is the best time to do something?

What time of year is best for outdoor activities where you live?
What is the best time of day for studying?
What time of year is best for travelling in your country?

Language step 1 Superlatives

. This is tfaquietest time,of day…It’s definitely the most productive time of day for
me, I just find it.difficult ;to get up so early!

Language step 2 Prepositions of Time
Let’s look again at how the two IELTS candidates, Alice and David, use prepositions of time.
Alice I think the best time of year to do outdoor activities is either in the summer or
in the winterThe weather between June and early September provides the best

(* . ‘ 
– •f_
David I think the best time of day to study is in the very early morning, just after dawn•M

To get a good score you must use prepositions of time correctly.
At is used with festivals, the time of day, and with dawn, noon, night, midnight, dusk.
The train will arrive at 9 p.m.
The streets are always busy at Christmas. 65
On is used with a particular day or date.
I’m often late to work on Mondays.
Peter gave Helen a call on Friday.
In is used with years, seasons, months, and other parts of the day.
She said she would give you a call in the evening.
For me, Australia is far too hot in the summer.
By is used to show that an activity will be completed or end by a certain time or point (and
no later).
I usually start to feel tired by 10 p.m.
All the leaves on the trees will have fallen by November.
is used to talk about something that happens at a certain period of time, and can be
used with parts of the day, seasons and festivals (not a point in time like noon).
The best time to do exercise is during the morning break.
Not many people like to visit Quang Tri during the summer months.
Until is used to talk about something which will continue to happen up to a certain time or
particular event.
The park is a really quiet place to study until about 5 o’clock, when everybody finishes work.
I like swimming in the sea until late September, after that it gets cold.

Language step 3 Colloquial Expressions for Advantageous Conditions
Let’s look at how the IELTS candidate Alice uses colloquial expressions for advantageous
Alice …The weather between June and early September prozrides the best conditions for
rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking or playing sports,..
There are many ways to explain the idea that something is the best or the most suitable.
We’ve already looked at superlatives as one way of doing this, but now let’s look at some
alternative native speaker expressions for this.
good /great for
The cold weather is goodfor making ice sculptures.
Evenings at home are great for relaxing and listening to music.
ideal for
Spring in Beijing is ideal for hiking along the Great Wall.
The day before a big national holiday is ideal for throwing a party.
provide the perfect conditions for
The combination of mountains and lakes near my hometown provides the perfect conditions
camping in the summer.
The karst stones and dry weather of the summer provide the perfect conditions for rock
climbing and mountain biking.

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