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How to Find the right words from the passage?

In the IELTS Reading test, there are several types of questions that ask you to write a word and or a number from the passage.

These include short answer questions along with sentence, note summary, flowchart, and diagram completion tasks. So, let’s have a look at these types of questions and how to approach them.

IELTS Reading Facts

So how do you approach this kind of question? Here are the steps that I suggest to my students:

1. Read the instructions carefully

These tell you how many words and/or numbers you can use. Underline or highlight the information so that you don’t forget!

2. Read through all the questions

So you have an idea of what information you need to find in the text.

3. Predict what kind of word or words you will be looking for

e.g. a date, an adjective, a name, etc. for each question/space.

4. Use keywords to help you skim the text quickly to find the information

Expect to find synonyms being used in the text so think about what other words might be used.

5. Remember you have to use words from the text rather than your own

Even if you have a good idea of what the answer is you must find the words from the text and use them exactly as they are, you cannot change the words at all.

6. Read the section of the text where you know the answer is carefully

To see which words will answer the question.

7. Check that your answers make sense grammatically

If the words you have chosen from the text don’t make sense you have not got the correct answer.

So, now you have the steps you need to tackle questions in IELTS Reading that require you to use words from the passage, here’s a worksheet that I have created for you to try.


Worksheet download

Good luck to all of you taking your IELTS test in the coming weeks.

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