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Idioms For The IELTS Speaking Test PDF | Idioms For IELTS Exam PDF

Idioms For The IELTS Speaking Test

What is an idiom?

An idiom is a phrase or expression that usually has no literal meaning – the meaning cannot be directly understood by reading each word. For example, if you are very happy with your 8 on a speaking test, you can say, “I was in seventh heaven when I saw my results.” If we look at the literal meaning of these words, we will consider looking at the moon in the sky behind the stars! However, the idiomatic meaning of this phrase is happiness – “I was very happy when I saw my result.”

Idioms are so often used naturally by native speakers that they often go unnoticed, we do not even realize that we are using them because we grew up listening to these phrases and expressions. However, when you learn a language, you must learn to use them properly so that they are not unnatural. You may have heard the term “word combination”, which is also evaluated in the IELTS Speaking Test. Collocation refers to words that often run together naturally and are usually used in that order when speaking. For example, you would never say “fast food” because the order is wrong, you would always say “fast food”. Collocation is essential when using idiomatic language because the words you choose are as important as the order in which they are spoken.

How to use idioms for the IELTS Speaking Test

To reach Level 7 and above the IELTS Speaking Test, you need to be able to use a comprehensive vocabulary and show the tester that you can use idiomatic language. Read this article that explains what idiomatic language is and how it is used while speaking.

Each language has its own way of describing things, ideas, or feelings. We use combinations of words, the meaning of which is not always clear to the learner of this language. Each culture has its own set of phrases that have special meaning in their country. In English language, we utilize idioms and phrasal verbs to express ourselves. This idiomatic language is often used in our everyday communication, so it is very important to understand what idioms are and how to use them.

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