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IELTS Academic Essay 30th Jan 2021 India 1 PM

Some people think that children should be taught at school to recycle materials and avoid waste. Other people believe that children should be taught this at home. Discuss both opinions and give your own opinion.

Some people opine that parents should apprise children about recycling, whereas others say that schools should do it. This essay intends to analyze both perspectives. I believe that both teachers and parents have to share this responsibility pro-actively.

On the one hand, there are many reasons why some people believe that teaching children about recycling should be done at home. Firstly, parents have the opportunity to teach children the importance of recycling early on in life, even before they start school. From a young age, parents can instill in children a strong sense of environmental ethics. Secondly, children spend a lot of time at home and parents can set a good example by themselves recycling household items like milk containers, soda cans, juice bottles cardboard boxes, etc. Children are good at imitating behaviors and when they observe their parent’s recycling, they tend to do the same.

On the other hand, those who contend that schools are in a better position to teach students about recycling and minimizing waste, give their reasons as follows. To begin with, some parents themselves are not much aware of recycling and how good it is for the environment. In fact, teachers can provide parents the knowledge they need to minimize their carbon footprint through their children. Moreover, teachers are trained in child-friendly teaching strategies and can make recycling fun rather than a chore for children. For example, teachers can help students turn recycled material into a craft or a science project.

I believe that both parents and teachers need to teach the next generation how to recycle and care about the environment. Teachers are considered experts, so children are more likely to listen to their teachers. At the same time, parents need to extend this initial groundwork laid out by teachers and follow recycling practices at home. This will ensure that children don’t forget, and eco-friendliness becomes their second nature.

To sum up, children need to understand that resources are not limitless, and the combined effort of teachers and parents is needed to leave an imprint on the minds of children.

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IELTS Academic Essay 30th Jan 2021 India 1 PM

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