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IELTS Book 2021: Top Book Picks for IELTS Listening, Speaking, Writing & Reading Sections

Various IELTS learning resources are accessible online and offline for students to use in order to achieve the highest possible score on the final exam. Students can do well on the test with a lot of work, patience, and persistence. Let us put a gem on that.This article will help to find the best IELTS books for 2021. Read on to learn more.

IELTS Book 2021

Check out the sections below to know how books are beneficial for each of them. After these sections, you will explore the list of IELTS books for 2021. How do Books help in IELTS?

Listening Section

They facilitate the development of skills. Everything is possible with practice. Some publications go deeply into the intricacies of Listening, which is critical for acing the exam. Some of them, for instance, go into great depth on signpost language. There may be numerous such notions that, when fully grasped, can elevate you to the level of expert. They also provide practice tasks and tasks to do at the conclusion of each chapter to aid in the mastery of the targeted skill.

Speaking Section

Books are the most effective way to expand one’s vocabulary. It is extremely common for people who have read a lot of books to speak effectively. It is not only the topic matter but also the composition, which includes everything from diction to pronunciation. Unknowingly, books have an effect on you. In terms of the exam, there are books on increasing speaking abilities that may be utilized in class or for self-study. You can improve your performance by being more prepared for what the examiner wants from you.

Writing Section

When it refers to the writing portion, books are a savior. They are quite useful in both the Academic portion of describing visual representations and the General component of composing a letter. There are various practice quizzes and sample essays available that cover the basics of writing. You may learn how to write Band 9 essays, which will assist you to perfect the art of writing.

Reading Section

Books teach you how to read. Books have been the finest source for improving reading abilities since time immemorial. Your reading speed improves as you read them. Skimming and scanning may be practised as an art form or acquired naturally. Training in these abilities will assist you in quickly determining the key concept of a paragraph in given literature. You will be able to conquer the Reading part this way.

  • Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS

The Cambridge University Press released The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS to help candidates prepare for the examination. The British Council officially recommends this book as one of the IELTS books 2021.The book provides crucial questions, ideas, and tactics for achieving the highest possible score. A CD is also included in the book to aid in learning proper pronunciation and boosting English speaking skills.

  • Official IELTS Practice Materials

The Official IELTS Practice Materials is a book prepared by Cambridge English Language Assessment testers and material authors with years of expertise preparing assessments. The British Council, Cambridge English Language Assessment, and IDP: Australia have all given their approval to the book. Anyone who wishes to do well on the examination should use the official IELTS Practice Materials. The book includes practice sets for all four sections, as well as answer keys for each. In addition to the book, a DVD is included for applicants to practice answering some questions for the listening and speaking sections.

  • Barron’s IELTS Super pack

Barron’s IELTS super pack is a detailed book that will help you prepare for the IELTS 2021 exam. The book includes ten full-length practice exams with answers. It is also a fantastic book for expanding one’s vocabulary and improving one’s English abilities. The Superpack is a three-book collection that provides extensive preparation. Barron’s books also include two audio CDs to help candidates enhance their speaking skills and concentrate on the listening portion.
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Some More IELTS Books for 2021
# IELTS Book for General Training and Academic by Mometrix
# IELTS Vocabulary Masterclass 8.5
# IELTS 5 Practice Tests by Simone Braverman
# Magoosh IELTS Online Prep

If you are worried about the IELTS exam date 2021, you can check this to know the exam date 2021, test location and registration details for your next exam.

How to Choose the Right One?
There are several books and study tools for IELTS preparation accessible both online and offline. Some books may appear lovely and inviting, but what ultimately matters when selecting a book is the substance within. Here are some general guidelines to help you select the best book and study material for your IELTS preparation:

  • Many books are specialized in Academics and General Training. So, in order to select the proper book, candidates must first go through the modules to discover which one is most suited to them.
  • Examine the book’s content, such as if there are enough practise sets, answer keys, and directions to adequately prepare for the examination.
  • Purchase a book that covers all four components of the exam. To prepare for the listening and speaking sections, a CD should be used in addition to the text.
  • Choose books that are authentic and have been endorsed by professionals.

We have mentioned the top books in this article to help you prepare better. Books are an important part of the self-preparation period. But to choose the right book for you can be head-scratching. Fortunately, you have us. You can trust us and go for any book mentioned in this article to score better in your next exam. Other than books, a proper course can be beneficial for you. If you want a band score above 8, you must check out the courses of IELTS Ninja and get one for you.
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