IELTS Complete Letter Writing Guide

The content, IELTS General Tips, Tricks, Strategies, and Lessons, have been modified and compiled from numerous reliable sources. You may use the techniques, information, and remedies (if any) from here to maximize your IELTS Writing score. Further, changes are periodically made to this page as and when needed.

There are eight main sections to this lesson: the General Training Writing. Skip it, repeat it…, use it the way you need.

Unit 1: Understanding Writing Task 1
The Writing Task 1 of the IELTS general test requires you to write a letter of at least 150 words in response to a question.

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Unit 2: Understanding the Scoring
IELTS usually rounds the number up or down to the nearest half score which means it would go from 6.66 to 6.5 based on four different criteria.

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Unit 3: Types of Letter
Letters are written for many different reasons. However, some letters are more common than others, and such letters are asked often in IELTS.

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Unit 4: Focus on Task Achievement
Lexical Resource is one of the four IELTS marking criteria that focuses on the range of vocabulary a candidate uses. These vocabulary are sure to enhance your score.

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Unit 5: Focus on Cohesion & Coherence
Coherence and cohesion refers to how well the reader can understand your writing and how
well your writing is organised. It’s all about paragraphing, linking words and many others.

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Unit 6: Focus on Lexical Resource
Lexical Resource is one of the four IELTS marking criteria that focuses on the range of vocabulary a candidate uses. These vocabulary are sure to enhance your score.

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Unit 7: Focus on Grammatical Range & Accuracy
A mix of grammatical range with its appropriate use is what examiner will be looking in your letter. There are specific structures by using which your score will enhance.

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Unit 8: Hing scored Letter Samples
It has 24 example Tasks, with examiner’s comment, that are scored Band 9 to help you develop an overall concept of the content written and examiner’s response by using which you can develop your own superior letter.

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