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IELTS Cue Card # Describe a time you made a promise to someone

IELTS Cue Card Describe a time you made a promise to someone

Describe a time you made a promise to someone. You should say:–

  • Whom did you make the promise to
  • What the promise was
  • Why you made the promise
  • Was the promise easy to achieve

Sample Answer:
Several times in life, we come across situations where we make commitments to different people. Today I would like to talk about one promise that I made to my family when I was in school.

I was in grade 10th when I had promised my parents that I will score above 90 per cent in my board examination. I was always an average student in school while other kids in my neighbourhood were either brilliant or above-average which sometimes made me self-conscious and I was always apprehensive if I would ever be able to make my parents as proud and happy as other parents in our neighbourhood. So I made this promise to my parents and to myself that I will prove to be better than my past and show that I’m capable of performing exceptionally well even in academics.

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As there is a saying that, it is easier to make promises but it is hard to keep them. Likewise even I had to work really hard to keep this promise. I first worked on my weak points. Time management was the most essential part to achieve my goals and I drafted a good timetable with daily time-bound goals. It was not an easy task and I had to burn the midnight oil. Gradually I started seeing good results in school’s term examinations and pre boards.

Finally, after a year’s preparation, I appeared for my class 10th Board exams and performed well. The results were outstanding and I was happy to keep my promise. Though it was not really easy to keep this promise but this journey towards success always helps me to be motivated in life.

Follow Up Questions:
Q1. Do Indian parents make promises to their children?

Answer: Yes, Indian parents do make promises to their children which are mostly about buying new toys or expensive gifts for them especially as a reward when perform well in academics or extra-curricular activities.

Q2. How do people feel when others break promises?

Answer: It is very disappointing when other people break their promises. In fact, in India promises are frequently made and seldom kept. I believe that we should not make promises that we cannot keep. One should think before they make promises.

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