IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Polite Person

A polite person is someone who treats everyone with respect. No matter how rudely we sometimes behave, we always enjoy the company of a polite person. A polite person often not only lifts the mood of the person sitting next to them but also changes the dignity of the whole place around them. This time we are looking at a cue card that talks about a polite person we have in our family.
Describe a polite person you know. You should say –

who is the person?
how do you know him or her?
why do you think he or she is a polite person


Today I am going to talk about a former colleague of mine, his name is Adrien Agreste.
To this day, I have not found a more agreeable, sincere and, sweet person.
Adrian really was the epitome of politeness. He always followed the general rules of politeness like holding open doors and saying “bless you” after a sneeze. To my surprise, I never found him pushing people for anything. Judging people was not at all a part of his personality.  He was very caring and was always ready to lend a helping hand.

When I had just joined the office, he had introduced himself along with all of my other new co-workers. He had shown me around and been a huge help in getting me settled into the new environment. During office meetings, he listened to everyone and asked for more input genuinely making everyone feel involved respected, and valued. It is true he was awkward sometimes and liked to apologize for a little too much but that was just a part of who he was. I cannot think of a more charming person.


Politeness has been one of the traits I have always admired in people. It shows to me the fact that in the end, we all are best when we behave as humans. Although there have been many I have encountered, I found my mother the most polite person I know. She is one of the most soft-spoken people in our entire family. Not only does she respects people she knows, but she is respectful to everyone who interacts with her.

Recently, a beggar was roaming around in our colony asking for either food or money and while everyone disrespectfully asked the person to move, my mother not only gave him respect but also food and money. On asking her why she did that, she replied that “everyone deserves to be treated respectfully, irrespective of their position, behavior or clothing.”

My mother has always tried instilling these qualities in both of her kids, although we are not as kind as her, we try to follow her teaching of respecting every individual.

SAMPLE ANSWER 3 (Writer: Bhumika)
Being polite and respectful to others is good quality and makes us a good person. Today I would like to talk about someone I know who is very polite. She is a helper at my college. Her name is Kamla. Kamlaaunty is in her late thirties. She is a stout woman with long hair and wears salwar kameez. She works as a helping staff at my college for the last ten years. I know her since I joined my college. In fact, everyone in the college knows her and respects her, and calls her Kamladidi.

Kamala didi is very helpful, I have seen her that many times she goes out of the way to help others which is the reason why everyone at college loves her. She is always ready to help others be it anything. I remember once when I had gone to college and I was not well. I had a heavy bag of books with me and my classroom was on the fourth floor. Kamla aunty sensed that I was unwell that day and helped me reach the fourth floor and also carried my heavy bag herself. She keeps helping others be it in a big or small way.

However, there are some higher authorities in our college who are ill-tempered but Kamla didi always respects them and obeys whatever they say. Not only that, she is a very helpful colleague. She always helps them and sometimes does their work also. I think she is a perfect role model for us. She never shows that she has done anyone a favor. She teaches us how to be polite and help others selflessly.(280 words)

Follow Up Questions
Q1. Do you think politeness is important?

Answer: Yes, politeness is very important. If we are polite to others, only then we can expect politeness from them. It makes us a good person who is loved by all. It also makes communication better.

Q2. Can you give me some other examples of how people show politeness in your country?

Answer: In India, people show politeness in many ways. Offering someone your food is considered to be polite. Giving an elderly person your seat on the bus is one method of showing politeness. Standing up when the teacher comes into the class is another way of showing politeness. Stopping your car to let the pedestrian cross the road is also a way of showing politeness. Through these small actions, we can be polite to people and make the world a better place.

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