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IELTS Cue Card, Talk about a person who wears unusual clothes

IELTS Cue Card, Talk about a person who wears unusual clothes

Talk about a person who wears unusual clothes
You should say:
• Who he/she is
• What kind of clothes he/she wears
• What do you feel about his/her clothing choice

Sample Answer

Fashion and clothing has always been an important part of the society. We have different dress codes for different occasions. It brings out people differently. Today I’m going to talk about one of my friend who dresses in an unusual manner. Her name is Mansi and she is a fashion blogger. She started fashion blogging with one of the most offbeat dressing sense. Her peculiar dressing sense has actually made her one of the most popular fashion model of the town.

She wears saree with jeans and long boots. Sometimes she wears a scarf as a top. She usually wears different types of hats and caps with Indian outfits which gives her a different look. She has never failed to surprise me with her eccentric appearance. Once I saw her wearing a dress made out of newspaper, she wore it for her shoot. Moreover, I have never seen her repeating her outfits. She can literally prepare an outfit from whatever is available, be it newspapers, pieces of old clothes, pillow covers, bedsheets and even towels. She has also started a small business of fashion clothing and named it “Cranky Couture”. Her fashion store is gaining popularity among townspeople.

I believe her clothing choice is quite strange yet impressive. In a short span of two years she has gained a lot of fan following in social media due to her unique dressing style. Going offbeat always makes an individual remarkable. I’ve have never seen someone with such unusual clothing before. Her outfits are sure to turn heads. Whenever I go out with her, people look at her with eyes wide open which actually makes me proud of her and the fact how she is normalising such kind of fashion.

Follow up questions:

Q1. Do you like shopping for new clothes?
Answer: Yes Of course! I love shopping for new clothes. Buying clothes makes me happy and it is the only kind of shopping that I enjoy. I often go for shopping when I do some remarkable work and reward myself with new clothes.

Q2. About how much money do you spend on clothes a year?
Answer: I don’t remember the exact amount, but I think I usually spend around 10,000 to 15,000 Indian Rupees in a year on clothes and I believe that is the minimal amount that an Indian girl spends on her clothing.

Q3. Do people dress the same when they are depressed as they do when they are very happy?
Answer: I feel people dress up differently when they are in different moods. Such as when people are happy they wear bright and colorful clothes, and they actually try to look better than usual. For instance people are most happy when it’s their birthday or some family function, so they try to look best. On the other hand, when people are depressed, they don’t make much efforts to look good.

Q4. What do you think about men who wear earrings?
Answer: I think it is completely their personal choice to wear earrings. Fashion is all about comfort and if men are comfortable with that, we should not judge them. Fashion has no gender. Wearing earrings is their way of expressing their sense of fashion.

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