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Download IELTS Reading Recent Actual Tests Vol 5 series is one of the important books for all IELTS candidates. The book accumulates the authentic IELTS reading tests from IDP and British Council from 2006 – 2015. Some of the tests from this books re-appeared in the real IELTS. Hence, this reading book is one of the best resource to help you prepare for the Reading section of IELTS exam. The IELTS Reading Actual Recent Test series has 6-8 reading tests.

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The last part of the book, download IELTS Reading Recent Actual Tests Vol 5, consists of answer keys to help candidates to easily track your results and improve your reading skills. IELTS Reading Actual Test Vol 5 was published in 2017. The book includes 6 reading tests from 2016-2017.

About IELTS Reading Recent Actual Tests Vol 5

Download IELTS Reading Recent Actual Tests Vol 5 includes 6 IELTS Reading Actual Tests from 2012 to 2016 with Answer Key, namely

  • The connection between culture and thought
  • What the managers really do?
  • Implication of false belief experiments
  • Are artists liars?
  • The extraordinary Watkin Tench
  • Improve Patient Safety

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