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IELTS Speaking about Family

Tell me something about your family.

As said to be the family of the 21st century, I come from a small family. We are basically from small village in Bisauliya. Born to Okhaldhunga migrant parents I am the first child of my parents with one sibling, my sister who is pursuing her higher studies and happy to share with you that soon she is knoting in a relationship. My father started doing his job in schools since 1985, now he is the Principal of Gyan Jyoti Higher secondary school. I take  

What do you like doing most with your family?

  If you’ve already made time to have dinner with your parents or siblings, why not spend another 30 minutes going on a walk with them after dinner? Once the table is cleared and the dishes are washed, we go for a walk around your neighborhood. Talk about the changes we see and what other members observe around them as we go on these walks. The act of walking whilst you talk may actually makes it easier to strengthen the bond.

Who are you close to in your family?

Without a doubt it has to be my mother, because she is the one who has been with me the longest. Also my father had to go to jobs, she was the one who gave me company. I share most of my thoughts with her. She is 42 yrs now with many ailments but has not lost her sense of humor. I practically grew on her lap and most of my crazy childhood stories has my mom in it. We have been best of friends since and still going; whatever happens to me, the first person i rush to is her. I can get lost on a deserted  island with her and not get bored even a bit. You would not believe this, when I am back to home from work she comes to receive me up to the main highway. I have no idea what would I do without her?

In what way is family important to you?

Family is important because it provides love, support and a framework of values to each of its members. Family members teach each other, serve one another and share life’s joys and sorrows. Families provide a setting for personal growth and it is the single most important influence in a child’s life. From their first moments of life, children depend on parents and family to protect them and provide for their needs. Family provides all members with security, identity and values, regardless of age. When a member of the family feels insecure or unsafe, he turns to his family for help. He learns about his sense of self and gains a foundation for the rest of his life. This foundation includes the family’s values which provide the basis for his own moral code. Spending time with family shows individuals the value of love, appreciation and open communication. After all if I am sitting in front of you for IELTS then I believe that this is not because of the passport I have, its all because of my family’s support and love.

In what ways have families changed in the last hundred years?

Well, to be honest with you I wish I knew the history of family before 100 years, nevertheless I will share you about such changes that I have witnessed throughout my life. Families nowadays have seen a decline in the fertility rate. As a result the average household size has also declined over this period. At the same time, there has been a sharp increase in the proportion of women entering the labour force, before females were supposed to have the inborn legacy for doing the works inside the closed rooms of house which is not the case now. Next, family formation patterns are also changing. Increasingly, both men and women want to first establish themselves in the labour market before founding a family. Hence, the age of mothers at first childbirth has risen and with it the probability of having fewer children
than previous generations has gone up.

Should we rely heavily on our families or is it better to try to be independent?

While it’s extremely important to have connections like family, friends, and significant others in your life, it’s also good to feel confident doing things by yourself! Independence is something every man should strive for: the ability to be self-sufficient and in charge of their own life is the superb feeling that one can have. Sometimes we don’t notice certain things when we’re with family, but once in a while, when we go through your life like a movie, like siting on a bench in a park with the music in our head and thinking about the solution of yesterday’s problem, just relaxing and taking everything on your own. It’s good to just be by yourself sometimes and just think.

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