IELTS Speaking about Friends

Do you have many friends?

To be honest with you, the term friends is little bit of coveted tag for me. I firmly stick that the more people you give it away to, the more people begin to expect from you, and vice versa. Starts, more of the lapses, more the fights, emotional drama, loss of energy and time and thoughts which could have been better utilized if had been concentrated and invested into limited but special set of people. Hence I keep only as many friends in my life as many I can be there for cent percent, whenever they may need me. Else, what’s my worth if I can’t even be there for someone in their bad hour, and I still call myself a friend of them?

So, do I have many friends or a few? Well, that is for you to decide if  ten is a small number or a big one, depending on your list of friends.

Are they casual acquaintances or close friends?

Well, I never felt like I wanted to be committed to anyone. I don’t like the tag of true friend or boyfriend given by someone. I have lots of friends. I feel happy that I have them. But I don’t want them to call me on an emergency or party or when they’re sad or angry because I don’t plan on calling them when I’ll be in that situation. I seldom disclose my feelings to anyone, surprisingly, I never cried in front of my friends nor told them about my secrets or dark thoughts. I never put an effort to surprise them on their birthdays because I don’t know if they even know mine. I am the type of person who becomes the part of your life today and just disappears tomorrow without leaving a notice. So, its more like casual than being close to someone.

Do you prefer to stay with your family or with your friends?

Actually, I try to avoid both as much as i can, instead I prefer to spend time with myself. The only reason is the fact that no one is meant to stay forever. There are times when people long for your time, to have a conversation with you but saturation certainly creeps in. And that’s the time when you will realize you became too much addicted and dependent on others for your happiness, dreams and support during hard times. So it’s wise to deal with yourself alone but always be there for others, no matter someone stands for you ever or not. If you are not getting something you really want then no one on this earth better knows the joy of giving that thing to someone else to make them happy.

What do you usually do with your friends?

Actually,  its never fixed. With normal friends, we plan hangouts on weekends or sometimes after college. We go to play air hockey, snooker, TT, Volleyball etc. I just call them randomly and ask them to hang out sometimes in the middle of the night or early in the morning without a notice. Our hangouts are not so fancy and movie like you know the bar and the club stuff or karaoke etc.  It’s just going to a place nearby to eat stuff then take a walk of an hour while talking about life and problems and relationships and whatnot. If it’s a girl we go to a good enough place to eat then talk about an hour about stuff and that’s it.

Are friends as important to you as family?

For me family is much more important in life than friends. They say that you can choose your friends, not family and such things or what soever are the causes but believe me, family is most important. Family is the institution that created you and made you into the person you are. Though your thinking might differ from your family, they still are your family and love you as much as always. Friends on the other hand, often come and go. I don’t mean to say that friends are transient, no. But,you know, family will stay with you even in the hardest of times when all have given up on you. Friends may be your friends for a reason, your family will always be your family. In fact, they are the people who love you unconditionally without any demands as such. I have very good friends yet there is stuff I can’t tell them or they maybe won’t even be interested but my family?

Do you think friendships change as we get older? How?

Oh , no I don’t think the friendships change with age but yeah the talk surely does. While growing up myself and the group of friend I hung out with mainly discussed women and movies. Who we are romancing with? How we achieved it and who we are aiming next. Whether it was a lie or not, no one cared, we just felt cool being bad. As I grew older, my group of friends changed as well to discussing women, the future after we left the university and career then some sex on the side because we just wanted to feel like men.

Today, I find out that age has changed our discussion as well as our relationships. We talk of the future and that of our career and then most importantly – Our relationship with relatives and CEOs. I wish I had friends who helped me strengthen my love earlier on as I would have fared very well in life rather than living with some regrets over some foolish decision my friends encouraged me on.

Are all your friends of same ages?

They are all of mixed ages, actually. For friends who are contemporaries, I enjoy them being ten to twenty years older or younger. I love the elderly and the young also. Every one has their own unique personality no matter how old they are. I have learned much from those younger than myself and my elders. Moreover, its my workaholic life that gives be a chance to meet people of various ages.

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