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What are your hobbies?

Well, reading, writing and blogging is something that pulls me up than any other activities. So, whenever I get time I usually pick some novel or a magazine or newspaper for reading. Or else when I am not reading I usually write on my blog or a diary that I have. Apart from this, on weekends, I am always in search of chances to travel new places. The idea of meeting new people and knowing them really excites me.

when do you get time to pursue your hobbies?

You will find me spending my leisure time either engrossing into some book or listening to music. I can pursue both at my workplace as well as at my home.I get some breaks of a few minutes at my office to pursue my hobbies.However,I get more time for the same at home during weekends and on holidays.
How have your hobbies benefited you?
Oh! yes my leisure pursuits have a great role to reshape my personality. Reading books has helped me in understanding life with a better insight. Most of the time I am into the biographies of persons and sometime I choose self-help books; I have learned and implemented the knowledge from books both in my life and in my profession, which has enhanced my success at all levels. Next, music has always kept me fresh and energized, which is very important for someone in the teaching profession.
What type of hobbies do people of your generation usually have?

Well, the taste of every individual seldom matches however what I can say is that people of around my age are in a a constant look for entertainment. Now, anything that gives them something new is their best pick, be it listening to music, traveling to some new terrains ,watching  movies and so on. Besides,there are a few activities emerging as hobbies too, for example, surfing and chatting on the internet, playing games on mobiles and computers.

Why do hobbies keep changing from generation to generation?
Hobbies may seem to be changing over time, but that is not the case I believe. In fact, these activities have the power to stimulate creativity and even lighten the mood, which is the reason they are so beloved and nowadays the advancement made in technology has strengthened them. Quite the contrary; It turns out that traditional hobbies are simply evolving, not disappearing. Knitting’s turned into yarn-bombing, and computer programming has become micro-controlling, talking changed to chatting, reading turned to watching just to name some.
What type of hobbies will the future generation have?
Well I am not quite sure about the future hobbies but I guess It would be something taken over by technology. While men may favor electronic or science-based hobbies, women may prefer indoor hobbies. Gaming is what many men love to be in, so I believe the next generation will be the age of gamers’, for which many will either pursue their career in program development or at least IT.
If you had an opportunity to pick up a hobby then what would it be and why?
If I had an opportunity to pick up a hobby, it would of course be a sway with the rhythm of the music, it’s an unabashed enthusiasm actually. I have a great affinity for dancing and even today I regard dancers with great respect. Whenever I get alone then it is my pastime, Social dance can lift your mood and stave off depression. In fact dancing is the only physical exercise found to be effective in slowing the onset of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s.
Do not you think that hobbies are a waste of time?
Well, it depends i guess. Pursuing a hobby as a hobby only is not waste of time. It makes you creative and keeps you elevated from inside actually. It is a creative utilization of our time by pursuing which we can actually develop our hidden abilities, which is very important for all-round development. Hobby gives you a break from your monotonous life. It also fills you with sense of achievement because you have done something which is different from your daily routine. However, overdoing of any activity is bad. Same applies to hobbies, skipping your important jobs for the sake of pacifying your pastime could be a disaster as well.


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