IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Sample Festival & Holidays

What do you usually do when you have holidays?
I do many things. Sometimes, I stay at home to read and surf the internet to
relax myself. Occasionally, I’ll go shopping or traveling. Since I live near
the suburbs, I’ll also go to ride the bike near a lake. It’s a great way to help
me get close to the nature.

What did you do in your last holidays?
I went to Hainan last holiday and stayed there for about ten days. Although
the weather was still cold here, it’s very warm in Hainan. I walked on the
beach and appreciated the beautiful scenery.

Which public holidays do you like the most? What’s your favorite festival?
I like the holiday of spring festival because we can have a very long holiday.
It’s also a time to be together with family and relax. I’m always looking
forward to it.

Do you prefer doing things indoors or outdoors on a holiday?

I prefer going outdoors because I usually stay indoors to work or study. It’s
really important for me to breathe the fresh air and exercise my body during
holidays. Sometimes, I would go on short trips to relax myself.

In your country, do old people usually do the same things as young people during a holiday?
It depends. If the old people are retired at home, every day is like a holiday
for them. They would prefer to do some traditional things. For example, my
grandma would always make zongzi during the dragon boat festival.

What family holidays do you (or, does your family) usually celebrate?
I usually celebrate the spring festival because it’s so important for Chinese
people, just like Christmas for the westerners. At that time, we would have
family reunions and do many traditional things.

Do you like national holiday or the spring festival?
I like the spring festival holiday because it’s the time for family reunions. I
could also eat a lot of delicious food and set off fireworks. I guess it’s just a
special season for Chinese people and no other festivals or holidays can
replace it.

Do you want to have more holidays?
Of course. I would like to go to school three days a week and have four days
off if that’s possible. However, if I have too much free time, I will feel bored.
For example, during long vacations, I’ll feel happy for the first week, and
then, I might feel like going back to school to have more structure in my life.
I think balance is the most important thing for us.

Where would you go for long holidays?
There’re a lot of good places to go. I like both historical interest places and
natural sites. If I have enough time and money, I’ll go to Tibet, Xinjiang, or
Yunnan because there are a lot of beautiful scenery and a variety of
minorities live in these places. I can see different natural beauty and learn
the cultural differences.

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