IELTS Speaking Sample Topic Books & Reading

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Do you like reading (books)? (Why?/Why not?)
I used to, but now I’m busy all the time, so I don’t spend a lot of time
reading. I used to read novels and they could help me enrich my life.

What books did you like when you were a child? What about now?
I used to read novels and they could make my life more colorful. When I
read novels, I always feel I’m in a different world.

For children, what do you think are the benefits of reading?
They can learn knowledge and develop their imagination. I learned many
Chinese characters from reading when I was a child. I love history books.
Through them, I leaned a lot of history knowledge.

Would you like to write a book?
I always want to but it’s not an easy thing to do. Maybe when I’m old, I can
write my own biography to share my own stories with others.

Do you like receiving a book as a gift?
Yes, I think it’s nice to get a book as a gift. I also like giving other people
books as gifts. It’s a great thing to share what we like with our good friends.

What books did you like to read in your childhood?
When I was a child, I loved cartoon books because the vivid illustrations
could always make me feel that the stories were alive in front of me. I still
remember the book my mom bought me when I was five. It’s called the
boasting king. I still remember all the details in that book.

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