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IELTS Speaking Topics Checklist Summer-Autumn 2021, PDF


Use this checklist with current IELTS topics to prepare for your speaking test and you won’t be surprised by an unknown topic in your exam!) Questions to these topics are here:

Download PDF of this checklist here


Work or studies (always in use)TV programsGetting up early
Your Hometown (always in use)SingingReading
Your Country (always in use)Scenery (window views)Happiness
Your flat/house (always in use)BBQEnvironmental Protection
Home decorationSky and StarsFestivals
RestSpecial CostumesCar Trips
MathsWild AnimalsPrimary School
MuseumsNamesNew Year
 Holidays (Public Holidays) 


A time when you helped a friendApplication you use on your mobile phone
A time you saw 2 of your friends having an argumentActivity in or near the sea
A time you used your imaginationA tall building in your city you like or dislike
Trip you often take, but dislikeA law on environmental protection
A wild animal you have seenA puzzle (jigsaw, crossword) you have played
A time you were pleased with your purchaseAn occasion when you saw a lot of people smiling
An interesting conversation you hadA street market/an outdoor market you’ve visited
A skill you can teach othersA city where you want to live in the future
A time you made a promise to someoneYour favourite singer/actor
Live sports eventSomething interesting on social media
A home you liked/visited but did not want to live inA plan in your life not related to work/study
An experience when you got bored when you were with othersAn art or craft (painting, woodwork) you made at school
A time when your computer broke downOlder person you admire
A time when it was important to tell your friend the truthA time when you were not allowed to use your mobile phone
A famous person you are interested inA time you shared something with others
An old object which your family has kept for a long timeArticle on health you read in a magazine or on the Internet
An ideal job you’d like to do in the futureA quiet place you like to spend time in
A time when you advise someoneYour favourite film/movie
A polite personA time you saw smth interesting on social media
A toy which you enjoyed the most in your childhoodAn activity you do after work or studies
A time when you tried a new food for the first timeNatural talent you want to improve
A time when you waited in a line for a long timeYour favourite weather (weather you like)
Person who wears unusual clothesCompany that employs a lot of people
A time when you got lostSomething that wasn’t successful
A time when you encouraged smb to do smth they didn’t want to doA piece of equipment
A part of a city or town you enjoy spending time in 


Mobile Phones/AppsActivities/rest by the seaBuildings, Architecture
Learning and young children Learning in school
The value of knowledge
Jobs that require physical energy
Physical energy at all ages
Mental energy in modern life
Music/Musical Instruments
Music in everyday life
The arts and society
PuzzlesLaws and RulesSmiling
Things which are expensive
Money and the individual
Wealth and society
Working in another country
Working for an international company
International companies in the future
Helping people
Receiving help
Reasons for giving help
Street Markets
NewsNational IdentityPublic places
ArgumentsTruth and liesBoredom
Important thingsGiving AdviceFamous people/Celebrities
Home Electric Appliances
Children and ads (adverts)
Visiting others
AnimalsFood and cookingConversations
Making PlansGetting lost, mapsOlder people
Keeping fit and the Internet
Film Industry
Quiet Places
Large CompaniesSharing thingsTalents
Social Media
Friends on Social Media
Extreme Sports
Free time Activities
Sports Events/CompetitionHandicrafts/Traditional ArtImagination

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