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IELTS Target 7.0 aims to help you develop your all-round English, as well as to help you attain a higher score in the exam. Download IELTS Target 7.0 is a short course for students who wish to achieve an IELTS score higher than 6.5 and who want to develop their all-round English to a truly advanced level.

Sections of IELTS Target 7.0


Upon download IELTS Target 7.0 you will not have the sort of pre-task preparation and scaffolding that was a major feature of IELTS Target 6.5. You will focus on key vocabulary and occasional on grammar points once you have completed the tasks. Practice largely concentrates on Sectors 3 and 4 of the Listening test, as those are the more challenging. Some of the recordings are probably slightly longer than will be the case in the exam and there are also more questions to answer related to one recording.


Upon download IELTS Target 7.0, The Readng Module is designed like the Listening Module. The texts are the same length as those you will encounter in the exam, but more questions are applied to one text than will be the case in the exam. Texts are generally about more specific topics – the environment, scientific research, etc. – and you will not know as much about them before you read. The language development section of the module will sometimes focus on text organization and sometimes on discourse features.


Upon download IELTS Target 7.0, The Writing Module concentrates on Task 2 writing tasks, the more challenging of the two tasks. Each unit provides analysis of and practice with a particular writing skill or technique required for the exam. A frequent approach is to compare good and poor model compositions. Four additional tasks are provided in a separate section at the end of the course, and. again, a good model is provided for each.

The Grammar checks occur in the Writing Module in this short course Grammar is treated as revision and if you feel that you need more rigorous practice with a particular point, you should use an appropriate grammar resource in your own time or ask your teacher to help you in the lesson.


Upon download IELTS Target 7.0, You will practise exchanges typical of Parts 2 and 3 of the Speaking test, rather than answering simple questions. Some of the speaking activities involve using more sophisticated language than you will probably need to use m the actual Speaking test and there are a number of exercises that involve discussing the meaning of proverbs

Exam Practice

Upon download IELTS Target 7.0, The Exam Practice Module alternately practises listening and reading skills. Four additional writing tasks are provided m a separate section at the end of the course Recordings and texts are generally the same length as those you will encounter in the exam, but a greater number of questions are applied than will be the case in the exam.

Exam tips

Upon download IELTS Target 7.0, These tips occur all the way through the short course They are there to help you know how to approach the various tasks that make up the exam and to provide advice on how to go about getting the highest score possible in the exam They also give advice that will help you to improve your all-round level of general English.

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