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IELTS Reading Skills and Tips for band 7+

IELTS Reading Skills and Tips

What skills will be tested?

The reading paper will test a number of different skills, including:

  • Completing a diagram, table or summary
  • Tell the difference between main ideas and supporting details
  • Find specific information
  • Identify the writer’s opinion
  • Follows key arguments
  • Identify the writer’s purpose

Let us divide IELTS reading skills and tips into various pages for the ease of your understanding. Depending upon the question type, you may need to skim, scan or read intensively.

We moved to alwaysielts, A website for IELTS news from 55+ websites.
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Skill 1: Skimming

Skimming is a reading technique meant to look for main or general ideas in a text, without going into detailed and exhaustive reading. In skimming, a reader reads only important information, but not everything. This technique is very popular with non-fiction materials, newspapers, and long novels, especially when you have time constraints.

Why do you skim in the IELTS Reading Test?

ielts reading skills and tipsFor the IELTS Reading test, you need to skim a reading passage first to get an overview of a paragraph. Questions like matching headings, matching information from the paragraphs… is always faster when skimming.

Also, once you have skimmed and identified the main idea of each paragraph, you will find it much easier to scan (to locate specific information) and read intensively for detail (to understand detail to answer the question).

How do you skim?

animated eyes skimming a page To skim, let your eyes move quickly across and down each paragraph of the passage. To do this, you might use a pencil to guide you. And yeah, don’t forget to underline important words.

To skim effectively, you first need to understand the basic structure of a paragraph, as this will give you a better idea of how to locate the main idea and supporting details in a paragraph.

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