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In Some Countries Young People are Encouraged to Work or Travel: IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question & Answer

Independent and the best age for young people to learn have caused s vast majority of public controversy. Some experts assert that young people should go on a trip or try to do a job before starting the university because it has various benefits like the proliferation of young people’s independence. On the contrary, numerous others claim that the students should study continuously and a year of travel or work’s disadvantages is more significant. I personally share the first viewpoint, but I will explain both of the ideas.

Some people believe that go to different places and experience disparate situations make young people confident and independent. They suggest travel or work give a broader view to the young persons and deal with various problems improve their character, helping them cope with challenges. For example, dealing with a wide range of colleagues or customers at work teaches adolescents how to solve their problems and afford the obstacles.

On the other hand, a large number of people, especially parents, think that students should not have a break between high school and university, and when they finish high school, they have to go to college immediately. They believe that pupils forget some lessons such as literature, French, or technics for math problems, affecting their learning quality and making them disappointed because of low scores.

In my opinion, the pros of a year of working or traveling before university are more significant than its cons. The undergraduates attain excellent social skills and can boost their character due to this break which is a long-term effect. However, this year can be the cause of forgetting some technics or lessons. Still, I think the student who learned how to be independent and has an expanded attitude can easily overcome the educational problem and be successful.


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