d. Viewpoint Question

Viewpoint is someone’s ability to see the world in their own way. Viewpoint questions are used to test your ability to recognize the writer’s opinion on a topic in the passage. This is a test to know your ability to distinguish facts from opinion.

A fact is a piece of information that has been discovered or proved true. The following statements are facts:

  1. Children in Germany start learning English at the age of seven.
  2. Over 20% of Australia’s population is foreign-born.
  3. We all need water to survive.

An opinion is a statement that reflects a person’s individual viewpoint on a topic. Also, most writers and speakers don’t put ‘I think’ in front of every opinion they give. This means that as a reader, you need to look for other words that help to indicate a personal opinion.

The following statements are opinions based on the above facts. The words that show the writer’s opinion are in bold:

  1. Germans are very good speakers of English.
  2. Australia has a good balance of different cultures in its society.
  3. Free bottled water should be given to students in schools.

The question types that are used to test your understanding of the writer’s viewpoints are: