I have witnessed hundreds of students stressed for the speaking module. They are so worked up because they are afraid they will end up being unprepared or underprepared for the test. Eventually, most of them step into the test room with their brains jam-packed with rigid templates and corny bromides, many of which are antiquated English. Then, when actually striking up a conversation with the examiner, they find themselves hopelessly tongue-tied and dumbfounded. Let’s compare Nepalese speaking score…

speaking score by nationality
speaking score by nationality

Why this course?

This step-by-step course has been conceptualized and devised as a self-study aid, intended for learners who will take the IELTS speaking test within a couple of weeks.

These lessons give its readers access to a wealth of words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and passages organized by commonly-tested topics with a complete grammar rule to answer each function of the speaking question. Still, it is advised to our readers to focus more on how these elements are used to construct ideas and to develop their own. The primary purpose of this book is not to drill the readers into reciting memorized pieces but to coax the readers into orally producing their own ideas about recurrent topics in the IELTS speaking test.

At Last

I wish to dedicate this course to all IELTS students who have and have not made up my classes at the easy-IELTS Institute. Their example has continually spurred me to keep working on this book. I hope it will be a nice reminder of our delightful time together.