Unit 1: Understanding Speaking Test
Unit 3: Focus on Fluency & Coherence
Unit 3: Focus on Pronunciation
Unit 6: Focus on Lexical Resource
Unit 5: Focus on Grammatical Range & Accuracy

How to Answer Part 3 Style Questions?

After you are done with the ‘Cue Card/Candidate Task Card’, which is the second part of the speaking test, the examiner will move on and ask you some follow-up questions. These follow-up questions are mostly related to the cue card topic you were given. Follow-up questions, also known as ‘details discussion’ comprise part three of the IELTS speaking test.

At a glance:
Speaking test – part 3 (Two-way discussion/ details discussion).
Questions: 5 – 7. (Questions are mostly based on the cue card topic/ candidate task card topic.)
Time: 4 – 6 minutes.

We have extracted these most common IELTS part three question according to the function and the way to answer it:-

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