What is IELTS Listening Test?

You should have a solid understanding of the aspects of listening to acquire a good IELTS band score of 8 and 8+.

Let’s first look at some key facts about the Listening test.

  • Except in Australia, where the listening is the third module, here in Nepal it is always the first module of your test.
  • It takes approximately 30 minutes(listening audio). You are given an extra 10 minutes at the end to transfer your answers from your Question Booklet to your Answer Sheet in the paper-based test.
  • There are four parts (previously known as sections). The parts become progressively more difficult, with Section 4 being the most difficult.
  • The recording is played only once.
  • There are a total of 40 questions, with 10 questions per part. Different types of questions are used in the Listening test (e.g., Multiple Choice, Short Answer, Form Completion, etc.).
  • You are given time to read the questions before you listen and time to check your answers after you listen.
  • In the paper-based test, you must use a pencil to write your answers on your Answer Sheet because it is scanned by a computer. You cannot use a pen.

In the paper-based test, you will be given a Question Booklet containing the questions. You should write your answers in the Question Booklet as you listen to the test. You will have 10 minutes at the end of the test to transfer your answers to the Answer Sheet.

You will not have the 10 extra minutes at the end of the computer-delivered test as you must type your answers at the end of every question.

Note: You will hear a variety of different accents in the Listening test, for example, British, Irish, Australian, New Zealand, Canadian, American, and Indian.

For computer-delivered IELTS test.https://www.ielts.org/about-the-test/computer-delivered-ielts

The Instructions

Instructions for the Listening test are spoken as part of the recording so it is important that you listen carefully to these instructions. The instructions are not difficult and they are clearly explained. Instructions are also written on the Question Booklet in the paper-based test and on the computer screen in the computer-delivered test.

Note:- You don’t get examples in IELTS Listening from 2020 onwards