Unit 1: Understanding Speaking Test
Unit 3: Focus on Fluency & Coherence
Unit 3: Focus on Pronunciation
Unit 6: Focus on Lexical Resource
Unit 5: Focus on Grammatical Range & Accuracy

Understanding Grammatical Range and Accuracy

In the Speaking test, the examiner will not be testing what you know about grammar, but how well you can use grammar. This means that although a good knowledge of grammar is useful, it is more important that you can produce the correct grammar when you speak.

You will remember we looked at grammatical range and accuracy in Step 1.

Grammatical range is determined by:

  • the length and complexity of your sentences
  • the variety of grammar structures you use.

Grammatical accuracy is determined by:

  • how many grammatical errors you make
  • how your errors interfere with communicating your ideas.

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