Useful Vocabs for Task 1

Lexical resource carries 25% of your writing marks and to prove that you should get used to some of the very obvious verbs and nouns.

Unique Vocabulary to say show:-

  • depicts
  • enumerates
  • delineates
  • outlines
  • compares and contrasts
  • gives information on/ presents information about

1. Vocabulary to show the trend:-

Vocabulary to say increase:-

Verb Forme.g. the figure rises from ……. to …..Noun Forme.g. the graph experiences/ sees a rise from ……. to……
risego upupliftrocket(ed)climbupsurgesoarshot upimprovejumpleapmove upwardskyrocketa risean increasean upward trenda growtha leapa jumpan improvementa climb.

Vocabulary to say decrease:-

Verb FormNoun Form
falldecreasedeclineplummetplungedropreducecollapsedipdivego downsluma falla decreasea reductiona downward trendsa  downward tendencya declinea dropa downfall.

Vocabulary to show Stability:-

Verb FormNoun Form
level(ed) offremain(ed) constantremain(ed) stableprevail(ed) consistencyplateauedreach(ed) a plateaustay(ed) uniformlevel(ed) outstabilizedNo Changea flata plateaua consistency

Vocabulary to represent fluctuation in graphs:-

Type of ChangeVerb formNoun form
 ups and downswavefluctuateoscillatefluctuationsoscillationsvacillations

Vocabulary to show the nature of change:-

Type of ChangeAdverb for verb forme.g. the graph rises dramatically from … to ..Adjective for adverb forme.g. the graph sees a dramatic rise from … to ..
Rapid changedramaticallyrapidlysharplyquicklyswiftlysignificantlyconsiderablysubstantiallydramaticrapidsharpquickswiftsignificantconsiderablesubstantial
Moderate changemoderatelygraduallyprogressivelysequentially.moderategradualprogressivesequential.
Slight changeslightlyslowlymildlymarginallyslight slowmildmarginal
ups and downserraticallysporadicallyirregularlyerraticsporadicirregular

Vocabulary to represent highest and lowest points in graphs:-

Highest Pointpeakedclimaxedreach  the peaktouch the highest pointreach the vertex/apexthe highest pointan (/the) apex(/the) summit,a (/the) pinnaclea (/the) acme
Lowest Pointtouch the lowest pointget the lowest pointthe lowest pointnadirthe all-time lowthe lowest level/ the bottom

Vocabularies for numbers:-

In terms of fractionIn terms of percentageIn terms of proportion
A tiny fraction (2)Almost a quarter (24)Exactly a quarter (25)Roughly a quarter (26)Nearly a third (34)Around, just under, exactly, over a halfNearly, just under, exactly, just over, well over three quarters2 %2 percentage2 per centA tiny portion, a very small proportionA minority, an insignificant proportion. A small minority, a small portion.A large proportion. A significant majority, A significant proportionA very large proportion

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