Listening Practice Sample 75

Section 1

Complete the questionnaire below using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each space.

Questions 8-10 Circle the appropriate letter.

8. How much of his income does the student spend on socialising?


9. How much of his income does the student spend on accommodation and food?

10. Apart from books, what does the student spend the rest of his money on?

  • A small luxuries like chocolate and cakes.
  • B lots of luxuries.
  • C food.
  • D small luxuries.

Section 2

Questions 11-13

Complete the notes below about the Hoverplane using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.


  • The hoverplane will be able to travel at a maximum speed of____11____ per hour.
  • The craft is efficient, because it uses one____12__of the normal fuel of a ferry.
  • The larger planned version will be able to carry____13_____ and freight at 300 kilometres an hour.

Questions 14-16

Answer the questions below according to the information you hear about a new computer-based police communication system. For each blank space use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

Police Communication System
14. What can a radio scanner warn a criminal about? _________________
15. With the new police system, what will take the place of most radio traffic?
16. What may be transmitted to police cars in future?

Questions 17-20

According to the information you hear about chickens and electricity, complete the summary below. Use no more than TWO WORDS to complete each blank space.

Chickens and Electricity Dung is a _____17_____ of the chicken farm. A British firm has proved that the answer to communities’ needs for electric power is profitable. So, at the moment, it has_____18_____ stations in Britain, which are powered by dung, and other European countries are showing interest.   In many countries,_____19_____ is a headache so the company is solving two problems at one time, namely: burning dung to make much needed fertiliser and producing cheap_____20_____.  

Section 3

Circle the appropriate answer.

21. Dave thinks the last tutorial

  • A was exciting and Sarah disagrees.
  • B was not exciting and Sarah disagrees.
  • C wasn’t very interesting, but Sarah does.
  • D was good and Sarah feels she has to agree.

22. Sarah states that she understood

  • A a very small part of the tutorial.
  • B all of the tutorial.
  • C most of the tutorial, but parts of it were incomprehensible.
  • D none of the tutorial.

23. Sarah and Dave have just attended a tutorial on

  • A study skills for English Literature.
  • B reading in literature.
  • C writing in literature.
  • D general studies.

Questions 24-27

Listen and complete the table below with the appropriate numbers.

Questions 28-30

Using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each blank space, complete the sentences below.

Terry thinks it is important to develop one’s reading speed to _____(28)_____ .

Terry felt_____(29)_____after his first tutorial with Dr Pratt.

When Terry first arrived at university, his reading speed was_____(30)______ pages per hour.

Questions 21-23

Section 4

Circle the correct letter.

31. What four qualities do actresses and actors need to survive?

  • A fear, determination, persistence and ability to accept a challenge.
  • B hunger, thirst, persistence and talent.
  • C hunger, determination, talent and persistence.
  • D anxiety, doggedness, talent and persistence.

32. The unemployment rate in the acting profession is

  • A around 70 percent.
  • B between 80 and 90 per cent.
  • C not mentioned in the lecture.
  • D over 90 per cent.

33. Actors, on average, work

  • A 10 weeks per year.
  • B 11 weeks per year.
  • C 7 weeks per year.
  • D 12 weeks per year.

34. Actresses, on average, work

  • A 14 weeks per year.
  • B 17 weeks per year.
  • C 7 weeks per year.
  • D 12 weeks per year.

Complete the lecture notes below. Use NO MORE THAN FOUR WORDS to complete each space.

Finding an agent

Except in special circumstances, agents have to see actors or actresses in some kind of 35………………..

For example, they can send a show-reel with their 36……………..

Equity Cards

Getting work without an Equity Card is______37______.The main disadvantage of the new system is that there are more people going for the_____38_____.

Photographs Photographs are essential and they have to be_____39_____, black and white and the size of a _____40_____.

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