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Listening Practice Sample 76

Section 1

Circle the correct answer. Example: The student…

1.The final destination is

  • A is Arabic.
  • B is studying Arabic.
  • C is studying Hebrew and Arabic.
  • D is studying English and Arabic.

2. The student must reach his destination by

  • A 12th September.
  • B 31st August.
  • C 27th September
  • D 20th September.

3. The student decides finally to leave on

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  • A 21st August. B 20th August.
  • C 20th September.
  • D 27th August.

4. The student wants to go to PB

5. The student is afraid of

Questions 6-9

Tick the four pieces of information below which give correct details about the rest of the journey. Then write the answers A-H in Boxes 6-9 on your answer sheet.

A The student is planning to fly from Paris to Vienna. ___

B The student is planning to fly to Athens via Budapest from Vienna.

C The student has not sorted out his visa requirements. _____

D The Vienna leg of the journey will cost £142.80. _____

E The student will spend three days in Athens. _____

F The student wants to go from Piraeus to Alexandria by ferry. ____

G The student wants to fly from Piraeus to Alexandria. _______

H The student wants to travel to Vienna overnight. _____

Complete the blank space below.

10. The booking reference is ———

Section 2

Questions 11-16

Questions 17-20

Circle the correct answer.

17. Regarding the message Voicebox, the number of complaints

  • A has gone up and down in recent weeks.
  • C has remained static.
  • B has gone down.
  • D has risen in recent weeks.

18. The praise for the music on the Wake-up show has come

  • A only from Australia.
  • B only from New Zealand.
  • C from all over South-east Asia.
  • D from all over Asia.

19. Regarding English Worldwide, the number of listeners

  • A has increased ten times.
  • B has remained fairly static.
  • C has decreased tenfold.
  • D will increase in the future.

20. The radio station broadcasts

  • A 14 hours per day.
  • B 19 hours per day
  • C 24 hours per day.
  • D 22 hours per day.

Section 3

Questions 21-25

Circle the correct letter.

21. Regarding the tutorials, Lorraine …

  • A finds them very useful.
  • B is hesitant about saying what she thinks.
  • C states that they are useless.
  • D thinks they could be improved.

22. Farilla…

  • A has two daughters who have been causing her trouble.
  • B is a single parent with a daughter in her teens.
  • C is an immature student.
  • D is a teenager.

23. Farilla feels that…

  • A her eldest daughter is to blame for the family problems.
  • B her youngest daughter is to blame for her family problems.
  • C her husband is to blame for her family problems
  • D her taking the course is the cause of her family problems.

24. When he was 16, Stevie took on a job …

  • A because he desperately needed the money.
  • B for no real reason.
  • C to help his mother out.
  • D to help his brother.

25. Dr Goldfinch suggests that Farilla should…

  • A get her daughters a job.
  • B speak to Stevie’s mum.
  • C give up the course.
  • D explain the situation to her daughters.

Questions 26-30

Complete the notes below. Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS to complete each blank space.

Stevie’s problem Stevie had to have his_____26_____ready for Friday. However, his computer _____27_____and, unfortunately, he didn’t have a copy on disk, but does have a _____28_____. He has to get his OHPs ready; submit a ____29_____to Dr Johnson; and give in the full paper after the seminar. If he doesn’t do everything on time, he will lose_____30_____.

Section 4

Questions 31-33

Below is a list of steps (A-l), four of which the speaker took in her career. The first step is A. What are the next three steps? Write your answers in the correct order in Boxes 31-33 on your answer sheet.

Questions 34-36

The speaker mentions four disadvantages to being a music critic. One has been marked for you. Tick the other three disadvantages. Write your answers in Boxes 34-36 on your answer sheet.


  • A being pestered by the concert-goers while working
  • B being bothered by enthusiastic accountants
  • C the loneliness
  • D having to deal with people on the telephone
  • E the low pay
  • F being glamorous
  • G meeting uninteresting people
  • H writing reviews of concerts within tight time limits

Question 37: Circle the correct letter.

37. As regards travelling, the speaker…

  • A enjoys it a little.
  • B goes abroad ten times a year.
  • C visits other European countries at least ten times a year.
  • D goes to Iceland regularly.

Questions 38-40

Using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each space, complete the blanks below.

38. Michael Ignatieff’s TV series dealt with the__________ .

39. The critic’s job is to foster the talent o f___________ .

40. As people are so unsure of themselves, what a critic says can act as an objective ____.

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