Listening Practice Test Sample 74

Questions 1-4

Circle the appropriate letter.

1. Which picture shows the kind of flowers Angela would like to order?

2. Which box of chocolates does Angela order?

3. Angela would like to send
A a mixture of chocolates, mostly liqueurs.
B a box of liqueurs.
C a mixture of chocolates, mostly white chocolates and some liqueurs.
D a mixture of chocolates, mostly white, but no liqueurs.

4. The cost of delivering both items is
A 90 pence
B £38
C £19
D £9

Questions 5 -10

Complete the following Order Form by USING NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS to complete each blank space:-

Section 2

Questions 11-13: Circle the appropriate answer.

11. Information about the sports facilities can be found on

  1. A billboards in parts of the campus.
  2. B notice-boards throughout the campus.
  3. C posters in the campus.
  4. D maps all over the campus.

12. The speaker is

  1. A showing a map on a screen.
  2. B talking about a map in a leaflet.
  3. C referring to a diagram on a screen.
  4. D talking about a map on the wall.

13. The university sports complex is

  1. A in Burse Road.
  2. B on the right of the police station.
  3. C in Thames Street.
  4. D opposite the city library.

Questions 14-17

Tick the four other facilities below which are mentioned as future developments in the university sports complex. One (C) has been marked for you as an example. Write your answers in Boxes 14-17 on your answer sheet.


A Two badminton courts
B Three squash courts
C A sauna (Example)
D A full-sized Olympic swimming pool
E A dance theatre
F A bar
G An ice-skating rink _
H A cafeteria ________
I Two courts for tennis
J A soft-ball court ___
K A modern gym ____

Questions 18-20

Circle the correct letter.

18. Choose the correct location (A,B.C, or D) for the sports ground on the map below.

Sports ground = A, B, C, or D?

19. The direct bus to the sports field is the

  1. A 553
  2. B 33
  3. C 43
  4. D 53

20. The last bus at night is

  1. A around half past 12 in the morning.
  2. B at 2.30 a.m.
  3. C at 1.30 a.m.
  4. D at midnight.

Section 3

Questions 21-26

USING NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each space complete the details about the FBT Award below.

Questions 27-30: Circle the appropriate answer.

27. The award Sandra is applying for is

  1. A awarded twice a year.
  2. B not as hard to get as the one Derek is after.
  3. C not for as much money as the FBT Award.
  4. D much harder to obtain than the one Derek is after.

28. To apply for the Bisiker Award, students have to

  1. A write a 5,000 word outline of their project and complete a detailed application form.
  2. B write a 5,000 word outline of their project and complete a form witht heir details.
  3. C fill in a short application form.
  4. D write a 50,000 word outline of their project and fill in a form with their details.

29. The lecturer puts great emphasis on

  1. A the need for the summary to be original.
  2. B making five copies of the application.
  3. C having it read through by someone before submitting it.
  4. D studying previous applications.

30. The lecturer also lays great emphasis on the fact that

  1. A the Bisiker Award is not much harder to gett han the one Derek is after.
  2. B the application should, if possible, be typed, neat and bound with a ring binder.
  3. C there is no need to type the application.
  4. D the application has to be typed, be very neat and bound with a ring binder.

Section 4

Questions 31-36

Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS to complete each space.

Europe goes grey refers to the 31……………… in Europe since the 60s.


– by 2029 approximately_______32_______% of the UK population will be over retirement age.

– roughly 23% of the population of_______33_______will be 65 or over by 2020.

– the number of centenarians in the UK will be increasing by_______34_______percent per year in the 21st century.

*Reasons for increased life-span:

  1. better diet
    1. better housing
    1. the_______ 35_______ of health care

The bjrth rate in Europe has fallen as a consequence of:

  1. _______36_______
  2. education of women
  3. more women working

Questions 37-40: Circle the correct letter.

37. The speaker says that the elderly

  1. A generally need care.
  2. B can be both happy and retired.
  3. C vary in their situations and needs.
  4. D worry about who will care for them.

38. Unlike in the past, today families

  1. A don’t care about their grandparents.
  2. B tend to live in the same area.
  3. C don’t take care of grandparents.
  4. D share the care of the elderly.

39. As regards the elderly, financial assistance is needed to

  1. A pay the wages of carers.
  2. B help independent old people.
  3. C create new medical services.
  4. D increase the level of pensions.

40. The speaker suggests that in the future

  1. A people should be helped to prepare financially for their old age.
  2. B existing houses of the elderly should be adapted.
  3. C retirement ages should be increased.
  4. D people should respect the elderly more.
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