” something you did which was a waste of time” Part 2: Speaking

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Describe something you did which was a waste of time
You should say

  • what you did
  • when you did it
  • why you did it
  • why you think it was a waste of time


Oh Well! what an interesting question, a perfect match for me who is too good at wasting time. This is more like an art to me now, embarrassing isn’t it? However, most of the time when I’ve  got something very important to do, I get myself entangled in very silly things, something which aren’t really essential for the job to be done. Hence I’ll procrastinate by doing lots of things, off the beaten track, I would say. And then upon the next while, until new task, I put a vow to myself that everything shall be improved but you know its always the same.


OK, now a great example for you to prove this is an event when i was doing……….. Let me say what, when and why.

The memory is still vivid and bright as it was then, probably my best time-wasted-for-nothing moment in my life when I headed for Manthali, my maternal Uncle’s home. It was a night travel and I was on the second sit of my bus, lucky enough those days when you get the sit you desired and the rugged highway up to Manthali, oops! who wouldn’t want the first three rows of the sit to rest your hindquarters peacefully. It was humid, hot and of course exhausting, even so, I was enjoying the play of the river’s flow that was clear from the window on a full day. The bus stopped without a warning and within a split second of time, I was thrown out of my sit. Bamb! oosh my eyebrow skin……thanks to god for no any serious injuries, I must have done something good in my life. Upon little conversation with the driver the accident was because he was trying to save the wolf and now he broke the gearbox of the vehicle and oh! god we waited there for 4 hours for another bus to reach us.


Now for the when, I am little poor in recalling the exact time, nevertheless it must be the month of September or November, actually I was there for the birthday celebration of my uncle’s daughter. Please give me a moment, When is her Birthday…? Oh yes! it is on September 3rd, just a day after my Girlfriend’s. Actually it was her who insisted me to go there and wrap my sister with surprise.


Well! We were in  the middle of nowhere because our vehicle broke down in the highway due to the gearbox failure. I was about to take a look of the places nearby but the driver has something disturbing information, “sitting in a dead vehicle with traffic piling up behind you is unnerving, but attempting to cross a high-speed freeway on foot is suicide”, I was in no condition to go for a suicide. Many motors passed by but no one dared to stop for a help. It was already 3 am in the morning and then the driver says to us that if we would like to go for some refreshments then we may, however we were instructed clearly to park our-self off the road. “Park off the road”, I asked. OK, he meant short toilet as refreshment. My gosh! never before I refreshed myself by some piss on the open ground. Upon return, we are three who planned to just wander around the place for a while till another bus arrives.


Whilst we are on the site of accident what surprised us was that the bus was still there but with no passengers. Whats more? 4 O’ clock in the morning, wounded forehead, back full of precious gifts and money, surrounded by two-minute-best-friends, missed vehicle; was not that enough to give me a heart attack? After some couple of hours a tuk-tuk arrives and I asked with a rush,”How far is Manthali from here, must be within 2 or 3 hours, isn’t it? I’ve missed my bus”. Everyone looked at me as if I was the only joker they have seen in their life. Driver replied that I was in Manthali. What ? 4 hours and for nothing, overcast or under-cast?


Great lesson learned in my life, a time wasted might not come around hence we should try to come out from it but I was so dissolved in the problem that I never minded to ask about the distance to Manthali with the driver. Result? An anecdote  for your  IELTS speaking ……and ya the only anecdote of your stupidity that you can share somewhere and yet feel satisfied….HA HA HA….

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