Preposition task 1

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Among many, we use following prepositions more than other. So let’s look at the these in more detail:

  • From/to
  • At
  • By
  • Of
  • On
  • In
  • Between


  1. to incorporate data that shows an increase or decrease from one amount to another.
  2. to show the starting and ending time
  1. increased from 5% to approximately 3.5%.
  2. from 1998 to 2010


  1. to show data at a particular point of time
the graph starts at Rs 50 on 2010.

During the next two consecutive years, consumption remained constant at approximately $33333333 per year.

the verbs that can be used with at to show a particular point of time are:_

  • peaks at
  • commences at
  • finish
  • end
  • start
  • remained constant/steady

By / of

  • to show the amount of difference between the data

Let’s considered the percentage of coffee lovers rose from 23% to 43%,

  • Production increased by 20%.(verb(increased) + by)
  • There was a increase of 20% in production .(noun(a increase) + of)



  • ‘On’ is used to indicate more specific days and dates whereas “in” for select, general moments in time .
  • For example,”On Monday evening, growth is the highest.  In 2009, the intake has increased.


  • to show a period of time or number
Between 2009 and 2015, the amount of production remains stable.

In 2009, the demand fluctuates between 20 gm and 30 gm.



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