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Recent IELTS Question: December 30, 2020 at 1:53 pm

Hi Liz,
Finally my exam is over. Just completed my speaking test.These are the few things I like to share.Listening was moderate (form completion, map, mcq’s) wrote in all CAPS as Liz suggested.Reading passage too I felt essay was bit esay but time management is essential.Out of 3 passesges i found one on web. This is the link: (not able to paste the link)
Writing-Task 1 – bar graph which shows percentage of people from urban and rural who can drive less than 15 mind to various services like doctor, school,etcTask 2 – Increasing cruelty among animals some people demand zoos should be closed and others say we should protect rare species. Discuss both and give option.
Speaking-Part 1- Full name, what do you do, why you choose this field, how was ur 1st day at job. Topic on Boring, what things do you feel are boring, what you do when you are bored and why. Time , why it is important, what if someone makes you wait.Part 2 : Describe a competition you want to participate like cooking , music, sport.
Part 3:Why reality shows now a days are popular, awards and prize money,Is competition important? Should competition be encouraged at workplace. What if there is no competition. Does any particular type of people only attract to such competition?.
Thanks Liz I referred all your videos and practice samples. You are amazing, I shared your link with my friends who are giving in upcoming month.
Guys just follow Liz blog and practise Cambridge books. Joining class is waste of money. I experienced it.
Waiting for results 😌✌️

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