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Recent IELTS Speaking Exam in Thailand

Part 1: Home

  • What kind of home do you have?
  • Which is your favorite room?
  • What can you see from the window of your room?
  • Do you like to change anything in your room? Why?


  • So do you think watching Tv is beneficial?
  • What kind of people watches television?
  • What kind of shows do they watch?
  • Why they watch such shows?
  • How often do you watch Tv?
  • Do you think that people now don’t watch tv together?

Part 2: Survey

Talk about a survey which you watched online or on Tv?
What was about it?
What happened in it?
What did you learn?


Part 3: Traditional library vs Internet

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying over the internet?
  • Why do many people use e-library today than ever?
  • Do you think the traditional library will be lost in the future?
  • What efforts should be made to keep them alive?

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