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1. Do you ever use maps?
2. When do people usually need to use a map?
3. Do you prefer electronic or paper maps?
4. Do you ever ask people for directions instead of using a map?
5. Why is pop music so popular globally?
6. Which do you prefer: traditional music from your country or classical music from abroad?
7. How do different kinds of music affect the way people feel?
8. What is the best music to listen to while studying?


Describe an activity that you found boring. You should say –

  • when was it?
  • where was it?
  • why did you find it boring?

also, explain, how do you think it could be made interesting?

  • What are the ways that people can remove their boredom?


  1. How nation can be built stronger in terms of economy?
  2. what are the roles of youth in building a nation?
  3. What should be the roles of political parties?
  4. Why do we think people of a nation should be united?


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