“Restriction in the amount of freedom given to an artist” Task 2 Essay

There should be no restriction in the amount of freedom given to an artist. Do you agree with the statement?
              Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or                experience.

TIPS:- Since the question clearly indicates you to give relevant examples, consider at least one example in your essay.

Time and again(Lexical resource) the topic of freedom for artist has heated the floor(Lexical resource), specially when their expression through the artwork comes in the form of taboos(Lexical resource)(Paraphrase sentence). Their are some groups who suggest that censorship is essential whereas(Connective Word), for others artwork means a total freedom(Sentence for Developing Argument). For me, it is better if the artwork is checked before it gets to public(Lexical resource)(Sentence for Thesis Statement).

On the one hand(Connective word), there are plenty of reasons why giving a total freedom to artists is an unpopular topic among many(Topic Sentence). Firstly(Connective word to show coherence), the over abused(Lexical Resource) images hits the list(1st reason). Moreover(Connective Word), to increase the visual impact(Lexical resource) of the audience and to grab(Lexical resource) an instant attention artists choose very unusual pictures as their painting or even the offensive(Lexical resource) words in the name of song which when exposed to public may be a matter of dismay(Lexical resource) and the impacts on target audience could be only negative(Clarifying 1st Idea). This posses a threat specially in the psychological development of a child(Negative Consequence). Let’s consider this, what if an eight years boy points to an obscene(Lexical resource) content of a movie and says his mom to be like one in the future, what an abuse of freedom it is(Example sentence to backup the consequence)! Thus(Connective Word), some tags should be mentioned in the art work for the intended audience filtering(Lexical resource). An art work with violence and crime can be marked parental control with an access for 16 or above age group(Conclusion sentence for this paragraph).

No wonder(Lexical resource) that creativity advances only in the heart of freedom. Undeniably(Connective Word), all the progress we have made in years is because of creativity and art is also the work of creative mind and if their work is challenged by censorship(Lexical resource) there would be no more creativity on what they do. So suppressing their work means suppressing human’s progress. Also(Connective Word), there are artists who work day and night to pass a positive message among their audience, there are movies that inspires people, songs with motivation, paintings that alerts people about dangers. To exemplify(Connective Word), although the scene of murder looks frightening, this is the reflection of the dark side of the human society. Hence(Connective Word), we should not put a complete ban on their areas of work.


To recapitulate(Connective Word), it can be said that not all the artwork needs to be censored but better to be examined by the authority depending upon the nature of possible audience(A combination of thesis statement, 1st body paragraph and 2nd body paragraph).


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