IELTS Speaking about Hometown/ Birthplace

Where do you come from?
I am from Bara district, part of terai region. It is about 5 hours ride form our capital city Kathmandu.

Can you tell me something about your hometown?
Oh! yes, I would love to. Well, my hometown is Bisauliya, which is two kilometer away from the main highway. Although it doesn’t house all the infrastructures needed to call it a well developed city, it has all the basics. There are two rivers flowing on either side of the town that makes the scenery breathtaking. Further, those naturally designed landscapes are like treat for nature lovers and above all the hospitality of people is unforgettable even for a one-day-tourist.

How is the weather in your hometown?
unpredictable, I would say and here is the reason why. Clear sky, bright sun and we make a plan for a trip but all of a sudden it starts to pour heavily and we have to hold our plan in abeyance. I still remember a day when the daylight of 2 o’ clock all of a sudden changed into like midnight and the reason is still unknown.

Can you tell me some history of your hometown?
I am sorry, it may sound like a confession but I don’t know anything important past events about Bisauliya. In fact when I turned six I migrated to Kathmandu for education, then it is just in some special occasions only that I visit my hometown. And when I do history is never a topic of my interest. But today I realize that it is better to change my interest, at least for IELTS score..ha…ha…ha…

Has your hometown changed over the years?
Well, my dwelling city has undergone a drastic change. I have witnessed the place itself becoming more urban, more and more suburban subdivisions and stores are being built there along with prime business centers and entertainment parks. The town just started transforming first by updating the elementary schools by finally demolishing the old hideous 1950s era buildings and replacing them with modern buildings which actually happened 5 years ago. However, the city is becoming more crowded each year and what I fear about is the limited space for people to live in.

Is it easy to travel around your hometown?
Oh yeah reysing around my home town is quite easy because of plenty of options on the modes of vehicle. Firstly, the public transport system consists of buses that pass through the town on an hourly basis. One bus goes north to the capital city which is really convenient if you need to do any shopping and the other bus goes south where you can switch buses and go across the border to India. Or else, you may rent a taxi if you have heavy pocket.

What is the most interesting part of your town?

Let me be honest, there is a hefty list of things that I love about my hometown, but the most interesting thing is that the entire city is in encircled by two rivers flowing on the either side which means you never have a fear of getting lost in the city. There is a different kind of stalls all around the city, one can go and find the most elite of the things as well as cherish the local foods. I think what makes my hometown special is is the fact that you can find a mixed bag of people. With it having a lot of educational institutes, students from across the country come over to study and their innocence and different backgrounds, make it worthwhile.

Is there anything you dislike about it?

There is no such thing that I dislike but I wish that my city had some nightlife as well. Although many Universities and Colleges run their classes till 8, at around 9 the whole town turns into an alien city you wouldn’t believe me that the street guarding dogs just bark at anyone passing by as if it hates all pedestrians. Further, the folklore about the haunting souls still wandering in the town makes the after-sun activities more hard and when I need to go to some medical stores then my fears haunt me first before such souls.

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