Speaking Cue Card Topic a Mistake You Once Made with Sample Answer

Describe a mistake you once made.
You should say:
• what it was
• how you made this mistake
• when it was
and explain the way it affected you. 

Some errors are arduous to overlook and have extreme penalties in life. I, too, as an ordinary human try to learn from mistakes, forget them more often than not and go forward with my goals to do something exceptional in my life.

The largest mistake in my life was falling in love with the wrong woman who had an utterly  different view about life, love and relationship. I used to be hardly 17 years old when I fall hard for this lady.  Initially, we have been classmates after which turned pals. In a year I began to really feel one thing about her that was fairly extraordinary and hard to explain. I assume people name this ‘love’. My entire world began to shift and I used to be surrounded by a mirage for this entire time. Not a single moment had passed when I did not think about her. She was the centre and energy supply of my universe. Once I proposed her, she expressed her boundless joys and acted as if I ought to have proposed her earlier. To this point, that is a candy and innocent love story of a teenager and I used to be joyful to have her in my life.

Nevertheless, it took me solely a few months to understand that she was not serious about our relationship. When she was my entire world, I used to be her simply one other momentary boyfriend. The connection resulted in ten months and I used to be so broken-hearted that I couldn’t focus on something for a while. My mother and father additionally knew about it they usually have been very supportive to me. First few days, it was fairly troublesome for me to get back to my regular life, study or go outdoors. I simply couldn’t appease my thoughts that I made a nice mistake and it was like an phantasm that I want to come back out from quickly.

However, once I began realising that I made a huge mistake by approaching to a serious relationship with out even understanding the woman genuinely, I began making peace with my thoughts. I was fully honest with myself and that finally helped me to get out of the depressive time I went by at the moment.  The lesson learned from this error made me extra cautious about making any type of relationship and I’m joyful that I took this mistake as an occasion to learn a lesson.

Nevertheless, I typically really feel dangerous that how somebody could possibly be so naive to play with somebody’s sentiment so cheaply.

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