Speaking Cue Card Topic with Answer

Describe a joke that made you laugh.
You should say:
• what the joke was about
• who told you that joke
• was it funny
and explain why this was an interesting joke that made you laugh. 

My current meet with my school buddies was nice and enjoyable. We gathered after a very long time close to the Sydney Opera Home and discussed completely different matters. On the gathering, there was a writer who cracked a joke over the present political circumstances. All of us laughed.

The joke was about a thief and his choice as a cabinet member in a fictional state. One day police caught the thief red handed. The thief was produced on the courtroom. However, the thief disagreed to be trialled on the court with excuses that the judge is dishonest. The problem was covered within the mainstream media. So, the difficulty was raised on the cabinet with the presence of thief. The Premier asked the Home Minister to run the trial, but the minister denied saying that he’s imperfect and often becomes corrupt. So, it was shifted to the Minister for Foreign Affairs – he also denied running the trial with the identical motive of discrepancy on different issues. Nearly all of the ministers were asked to run the trial but all of them refuted with the same motive. When finally the trial was shifted to the Premier, he also denied that saying that he is to run a state and he also needs to be corrupt sometimes. Immediately, somebody from the cabinet proposed to enlist him saying this may end the troubles. 

Samuel is one of my close buddies. He loves to think critically about the society. Now he’s a longtime author cum journalist and writes fictions for a newspaper. In addition to, he also writes as a contract author for another businesses as well. I met him first in my school right here in Australia. He joined us in the course of the year. In actual fact, he was late for attending the courses though enrolled at first of the year. He was troubled with visa processing at the moment as he is non-native in Australia. Nonetheless, after his becoming a member of, it appeared that our class was revived. He was good and nonetheless he’s. Along with his progressive speeches and actions, he made the courses enjoyable and even the lecturers additionally liked him for his witty questions and pretty responses.

All of us present on the gathering laughed. In actual fact, it really was an attention-grabbing for us and too humorous. The explanations behind the joke had been extraordinarily optimistic. Really, the explanation of the thief for not being tried by any dishonest judge or public consultant was amusing. Initially, the joke appeared fairly interesting and all of us laughed. A few of us began imitating just like the thief – solely to increase the fun. 

In actual fact, the thief was right in some sense. He didn’t need to be trialled with somebody who’s corrupt like him. He wished to be trialled by somebody who was sincere so that he may get the suitable verdict for his misdeeds. However there was not an sincere particular person who may play the position of the judge to resolve the difficulty. So, somebody from the cabinet proposed to make him a minister and this will reduce the trial dilemma. Although the place and the characters are fictional, it is a frequent situation for nearly the entire international locations. Corruption is prevailing in every single place. We’re accustomed to it but this joke was a type of blow against corruption.

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