Speaking Part 1 Topic Family

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Tell me something about your family members?
Well, I live in a nuclear family, just like many other people of my age. My
father, a civil servant in the government, and my mother, a doctor in a
hospital. We’re all busy with our own business, so it is not easy for us to get
a family‐get together.

Should young people live with the old?
Just as the saying goes “the old are the treasure of the family”, I definitely
think young people should live with the old if they have the chance. In this
way, the young could get a lot of different kinds of advice from the
weather‐beaten old ones, and of course, the old could get passion and energy
from the young.

Do your parents call their parents often? What do they usually talk about?
Well, these years, my grandparents are getting older, and coz they don’t li
with us, my parents would sometimes go to visit them or sometimes call
them, caring about their lives and their health. I think this is a virtue for
many Chinese to care for their parents when they get old.

What’s the difference between children raised in a single‐parent family and a two‐parent family?
I think children who grow up in a two‐parent family will be healthier
because they could get the influence from both mom and dad. They’ll learn
how to be around with men and women. However, children who grow up in
a two‐parent family will tend to be more manly or feminine because they
only receive influence from the only parent.

Do you think it’s good to raise a child in the city?
It’s a hard question. I think it’s ok. Actually, nowadays a lot of children are
raised in the city. Although they can’t get close to the nature, they can
receive good education and can enjoy the advanced facilities such as parks,
museums, and libraries in the city.

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