Speaking about happyness

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Strategy for going beyond the 2 minute psychology

Part 1

1. What do you think of happiness?
2. What do you like to do when you are happy?
3. What kinds of things make you happy?
4. What kinds of things do Chinese people feel happy about?
5. Is it easy to be happy for you?

Part 2

Tell about a recent event that made you happy.

  • What was the event?
  • When and where that event took place?
  • Why it made you happy?
Sample Answer

Happiness is a feeling of contentment which is characterized by a sense of well-being. To be happy, we have to struggle in order to fulfill our needs at different stages of life. Moreover, achieving something after many attempts and failures, we truly understand the meaning of real happiness.

I belong to xxx and I completed my post-graduation in Business Administration six months ago. Since I was not willing to leave my parents alone, I was looking for a suitable job in xxx only. In spite of being a topper, I was unable to get through any interview after trying for almost 5 months. Alongside the campus interviews, I was also applying in different companies. Most of my batch mates were already got placed through campus placement. So, the level of my stress and anxiety was increasing day by day. I wanted to make my parents feel proud of me by fulfilling their expectations. In the process of job hunting, one thing I had realized that getting a job is not as simple as it seems

Finally, on September 1st, this year, I got an interview call from a renowned multinational company based in xxx. I gathered all my confidence and courage to face that interview. I was ready to focus more on the performance rather than the result. Hence, I was determined to give my best in the interview no matter what. After facing different rounds of interview, I was finally selected for my dream job. To my surprise, the salary offered to me was beyond my expectations. My happiness knew no bounds and tears started rolling down my eyes. I thanked God and my parents for the same.

This event is the happiest and unforgettable moment of my life. It has taught me a lesson for the lifetime that we should never give up and keep trying to achieve our goals in life.

Part 3

What kinds of things make people happy in Brazil?

“Brazilians usually feel happy when Brazil Wins a football match because Brazilians love to patty, even though I’m not a typical Brazilianbecause I don’t like soccer and I think it’s waste of time that people spend hours in front of a TV watching a match. I think that it makes me sad because I feel that I’m not learning anything, I’m not gaining anything, so it’s a waste of time. People here in Brazil, they love to celebrate, they have a huge celebration during the World Cup and in Carnival also, these days we can see that a lot of streets here in Rio De Janiero are painting in white and green to celebrate the World Cup and the Brazilians team, but I don’t gain anything about this, so I don’t think it’s useful for my life.”
+Phrase / Expression: I’m not a typical Brazilian 

What do you do when you feel unhappy?  

“I try to listen to an uplifting song, and sometimes I go out to walk and breathe some fresh air, even though, sometimes I go to the fridge and I eat everything I have in the fridge. That’s why I don’t buy so much junk food, because if I’ stressed and I eat everything but I try to avoid that so I don’t buy these kinds of things and I try to relax, listening to a song or taking a hot shower and relaxing, sometimes I can ride a bike, I can listening some songs while I’m riding a bike. Even though I’m not a big fan of sports, I go to work out when I’m stressed because it helps me to release some happiness hormones like endorphins so I like to go running when I’m sad or nervous.”
+Vocab: uplifting (adj.) – something positive that makes you feel happier or better
+Collocation: release hormones 

Do you think money can make people happy

“Not at all, I think money can buy comfort, even though there are people who are wealthy, they aren’t happy. It’s not the most important thing in life, we need to balance our work and our family and the relationships we have with our friends and family, we need to earn a good amount of money just to have a comfort, to live in a good house or apartment and to commute to work, to travel, but it’s not so vital for us to a huge amount of money, to stay in a 5-star hotel, or a first class trips and we can spend our time with our family, and we don’t need too much money to be happy, because we can go to a park or a beach and we can go there without spending any money.”
+Collocation: earn money
+Collocation: stay in a hotel

Do you think people are happier now than there were 20 years ago?

“Nowadays, more now than ever, we have access to information, we can read news online so we are more worried / aware of what’s happening in our country, like corrupt (adj.) politicians, the problems of violence (the cases of violence) is [dramatically / significantly /shockingly] increasing, so we’re afraid or something whereas in the past, we weren’t because – in the past we didn’t enough information and I think people in the past used to be happierbecause of the lack of information. Ignorance is bliss.
+Vocab:  corrupt (adj.) – willing to act dishonestly to gain money or power
+Vocab: The politicians was arrested for corruption (n.)
+Phrase: / Expression: ‘ignorance is bliss’ – it’s better / easier not to know

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