Speaking Part 2 Cue Card Topic a person recently met and liked with Sample Answer

Describe a person whom you recently met and liked.
• when and where you met
• what he/ she does
• why you liked him/ her and
•say whether you would like to spend more time with this person. 

Last year I joined a multinational financial institution and as an funding banker, I typically meet new folks. Rahul is a younger IT skilled and a great individual whom I’ve just lately met and liked. 

It could be few months, four months to be more specific since I have first met Rahul. I met him in his workplace at Royal Avenue to debate a mortgage he had utilized for. This was strictly an expert go to to debate the phrases of the mortgage and examine his firm and sort of enterprise he runs. After we acquired launched, I discovered him very pleasant and amiable. He graduated from the identical college from the place I accomplished my MBA in 2014.  Rahul is a web site and on-line utility developer who owns a medium-sized IT agency. He comes from a wealthy family and has chased a unique dream than his forefathers. I favored him for his pleasant behaviours, innovative thinking, bravery and the sense of humour. He is such a pleasant person who he invited me to satisfy his relations at a celebration his family organized a month ago, although our friendship has simply begun. The primary reason I discovered him to be an excellent individual and good pal is his honesty and ethics. The mortgage he utilized for remains to be below assessment.

I do know that he has some good connections and highly effective relations who he may simply flip to for the fast approval of this mortgage. However he has by no means used any of his influences to benefit.He needs to attain issues he actually deserves as a person, not as a privileged individual. The IT agency he’s working is completely his private dream and achievement. He informed me that he had not even taken a single penny from his father whereas beginning this enterprise and that is, in fact, a fantastic dedication to chase his personal dream and build things together with his personal capability. I merely revere this high quality in him. The sort of dedication he has proven to date is uncommon amongst younger folks in our nation.

I would undoubtedly prefer to spend extra time with him and improve our friendship further. Actually, I contemplate him an excellent pal already. I wish to know more about his mates, enterprise, future plan in addition to different elements as we anticipate to find out about from our mates. I suppose we change into very calculative and picky whereas making friends after a sure age and for my part, he’s worthy to be a good pal of mine. 

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