Speaking Recent Question(Feb,16,2019) in Norway.

Speaking Recent Question(Feb,16,2019) in Norway submitted by Andreas Jan.

Part 1


  • Do you like animals?
  • What is your favorite animal?
  • Did you have any pets when you were a child?
  • Do many people in your country keep a pet at home?


  • Is there anything being polluted in your hometown?
  • What are the common types of pollution in the countryside?
  • Have you ever done anything to help the environment?
  • Is your family pollution conscious, how?


Part 2 – Describe an old person who is interesting

You should say:
– who this person is
– how you know this person
– what you do with this person
– and why you think this person is interesting

Part 3 

  • Are there any similarities between the old & young generation?
  • Are there any differences too?
  • How do we reduce the increasing generation gap?
  • Is there anything the young people can learn from the elderly?
  • What can the young people can teach the elderly?
  • Are the elderly willing to learn from the young generation?

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