How to answer is X suitable for this type of people?

Is riding a bike suitable for elderly people?
Are all sports suitable for people of all ages?
Are computers suitable for young children?

Language step 1 Appropriateness Expressions
Let’s take a look at how the two IELTS candidates, Alice and David, use the appropriateness
Alice I believe that computer games are inappropriatefor very young children…
David I think that most outdoor sports are suitable for everyone…for kids and elderly
people, I think these sports are unsuitable
Native speakers will often use the following adjectives when talking about the appropriateness of an activity:
suitable for/ unsuitable for
suited to/ unsuited to
appropriatefor/inappropriate for
advisable to[for]/inadvisable to[for]
You should talk about the appropriateness of the activity in question by combining the
above adjectives with the following appropriateness expressions:
activity + is/are + suitable/ unsuitablefor + groups of people
Vigorous sports are usually unsuitable for elderly people.
it is + suitable/unsuitablefor +groups of people + to verb
It is suitable for young people to many before the age of 25.
activity + Is/are + suited/unsuited to + groups of people
Tai chi is particularly suited to retired and elderly citizens.
activity + is/are + appropriate/inappropriatefor + groups of people
Riding motorbikes is inappropriate for very young children.
it is + appropriate/inappropriatefor + groups of people + to verb
It is inappropriate for very young children to ride motorbikes. 143
activity + is/are + advisable/ inadvisablefor + groups of people
Doing yoga is advisable for people with back problems.
it is + advisable/inadvisable that + groups of people + verb
It’s advisable that people with back problems do yoga.

Language step 2 Safety and Risk Expressions
Let’s take a look at how the two IELTS candidates, Alice and David, use the safety and risk
…staring at a computer screen for too long can be detrimental to your eyesight; if
children play for too long they might barm their eyes…they might have a negative
. impact upon
the child’s mental health…
…people…should be careful because these sports can be dangerous
Using some simple safety and risk expressions you will be able to explain like a native
why you think certain activities are suitable or unsuitable.
Part One
People should be very careful when swimming in the sea.
Inner-city traffic can be dangerous.
Elderly people who are not used to playing sports may injure themselves.
Certain drugs might be detrimental to people’s mental health.
Smoking can cause cancer.
Sitting too close to the television is likgly to lead to eye problems.
Working too many hours can have a negative impact on one’s family life.
Note: When using safety and risk expressions, you must try to use different modal verbs to
qualify your statements and avoid making absolute statements, as in the examples above.
Modal verbs Include can, may, might, be likely to, etc.

Language step 3 Adjectives & Expressions of Conditions and Benefits
Let’s look at how the two IELTS candidates, Alice and David, use adjectives and expressions
of conditions and benefits.
Alice …In moderation, however, I believe computer games can be ideal for developing
children’s lateral thinking skills.
David …However, for fit and healthy people, these sports can be exhilarating and
In your answer to this type of question, you should express the advantages of doing a
particularly activity for certain people, or under certain conditions, as a concluding point.
Look at the adjectives and expressions of conditions and benefits on the next page that
you should try to use in your answer: 145
In moderation
If not abused
If not done to excess
If (type of people) + verb
If done under supervision
If we make sure we + verb
can be beneficial
can be good/excellent/great for
can be useful (for)
can be safe
can be a good/excellent/great/fantastic way to + verb
Now look at the following examples of the above conditions and benefits combined:
In moderation, playing computer games can be constructive.
If not abused,
alcohol can be enjoyable and good for the health.
If we don’t do it in excess, then weightlifting can be great for building strength.
If older people get a personal trainer, regular exercise can be excellent for their health.
If done under supervision, vigorous exercise/adventure sports can be safe.
If we makg sure we do
it carefully, riding motorbikes can be a fantastic way to travel in the

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