Focus on Lexical Resource(GT)

Lexical resource is another criteria upon which you will be scored. Lexical resource means your reserve of word power or vocabulary. Not just vocabulary, accurate vocabulary. Following techniques and ways can be used to prove your lexical resource. Vocabulary Modifiers & Synonyms Collocations Phrasal Verbs Topic-related words 1. Vocabulary Modifiers …

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Focus on Cohesion & Coherence(GT)

25% of your Writing Task 1 is assessed on how coherent and cohesive your writing is. Coherence:- Involves organizing information logically and in paragraphs so that it is easy for the reader to follow. Cohesion:- Involves connecting sentences and ideas using techniques such as pronoun referencing, signposts and special phrases. Therefore, coherence and cohesion refer to …

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Focus on Task Achievement (GT)

Your task achievement on GT comprises of some pre-defined elements. Word Count Clear Purpose Content Addressed Style and tone Although writing a short letter may seem quite simple, the test requires you to think very carefully about the recipient (the person reading the letter) the content (the ideas and details …

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Types of IELTS Letter

Letters are written for many different reasons. However, some letters are more common than others, and such letters are asked often in IELTS. Depending upon the content of your letter, function is to be designed and delivered accordingly. To understand different function, let’s practice this short exercise. Activity 3.1: Choose …

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