Grammar for IELTS

  • Formal vs Informal Writing Style: Which One to Use?

    Since IELTS papers are checked and marked by university people, you are supposed to make your style purely academic. To achieve this we will choose formal style and formal vocabulary. To do this, you will need to focus on using: nominalisationpassive voiceacademic vocabulary. Nominalisation In academic writing, nouns are often used to replace…

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  • These Sentence Structures Impress Examiners for Band 7+ Score

    According to IELTS examiner, Barbara Adama, a friend of mine working for British Council, “One of the most common weaknesses which I find in essays of many candidates is that most of the sentences are too short or too basic”. In your essay, examiner will be looking for sentence variation when they grade you for…

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  • Use Qualifiers for Better Score

    You should know the effective language to talk about the probability of something or the timescales in which things happen. It is easy to include some of the qualifiers in your ideas, to show that you have thought about the probability and/or timescales of the events. Some of the straight forward ways are;- ultimately (= eventually, finally)…

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