Using Qualifiers for Better Score

You should know the effective language to talk about the probability of something or the timescales in which things happen. It is easy to include some of the qualifiers in your ideas, to show that you have thought about the probability and/or timescales of the events. Some of the straight forward ways are;- ultimately (= eventually, finally) …

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Emphatic Sentence Structures

This is another smart and fast way to give an impression over the control of your grammar. I’ve seen just a few students using this technique in their answer. Sometime to emphasize and sometime, perhaps to contradict what someone else has said or for dramatic effect, we use emphatic sentence …

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Tense Uses

If you are up for the IELTS test, you have enough knowledge about the correct use of tense, let me assume. Among all the varieties of grammatical range you used for your IELTS with a big hope to score 7, a simple tense mistake can change the whole story. Believe …

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Punctuation for IELTS

Ah, the punctuation. Of all the grammar in IELTS writing, this one is perhaps the most abused and misused. With a lot of rules, many will easily get confused. We shall be dealing with the best IELTS Punctuation rules for writing today. It is very common for Nepalese students that they focus …

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If Conditional in IELTS

Conditional structures are used to talk about a condition, especially in result, consequence, problem,… and solution. Conditionals are complex sentences, which consist of an if-clause, followed by a main clause. This gives examiner an impression that you can use complex sentence structure in your answers. This grammatical structure is not …

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Active or Passive Voice?

In Academic English, the use of passive structures is extremely important. The examiner will look for passives in your answer, and you will not be able to achieve over Band 7 unless you show that you can use them properly. As a general rule, try to use a passive structure …

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Adjectives:- Adjectives are used to describe either the nature or number of noun. While IELTS uses a quarter of its scoring criteria from lexical resource and another one from grammar, you can use wide range of adjectives to explain general or precise information. They add enthusiasm and color to your …

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Formal or Personal Writing?

Since IELTS papers are checked and marked by university people, you are supposed to make your style purely academic. But wait! Forget all these and choose to be personal if you are writing a letter to your friend or family. How to use personal style? personal phrases e.g How are …

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