IELTS Topic Specific Vocabulary

  • Topic Related Vocabulary about Business, Money

    go bankrupt:  to be unable to pay one’s debtsextravagant: a habit of spending morefrugal: simple which costs you lessmortgage: convey (a property) to a creditor as security on a loanexorbitant: unreasonably high pricedgood bargain: a good dealRun over: to exceed a planned amount of money or timePay off (someone*): to reward/ to bribe*cash flow: the money coming in and…

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  • Topic Specific Vocabulary about Architecture, Building

    art deco: the style of the buildings elegant: stylish in appearance energy-efficient: energy saving an eyesore: a thing that is very ugly, especially a building. pleasing geometric forms: well-designed patterns skyscraper: a very tall building of many storeys well-designed: designed beautifully a masterpiece: extremely beautiful multi-storey: having many stores tear down: to demolish dismantle: to destroy finest example: a perfect example most…

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