Listening Practice Sample 76

Section 1 Circle the correct answer. Example: The student… 1.The final destination is A is Arabic. B is studying Arabic. C is studying Hebrew and Arabic. D is studying English and Arabic. 2. The student must reach his destination by A 12th September. B 31st August. C 27th September D …

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Listening Practice Sample 75

Section 1 Complete the questionnaire below using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each space. Questions 8-10 Circle the appropriate letter. 8. How much of his income does the student spend on socialising? A B C D 9. How much of his income does the student spend on accommodation and …

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Listening Practice Sample 73

Section 1 Questions: 1 -5 Complete the Account Details using NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each blank space. Account Details Example: Account holder: No Discount offered. First year students: (1) …………. Name: Nasreen (2) ………….. Address: (3) ………… Mansions, Compton Street, London. Postcode: SE (4) ………….. Telephone number: 0181 …

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