The Academic Writing Style

Since IELTS papers are checked and marked by university people, you are supposed to make your style purely academic. To achieve

Adjectives for IELTS Task 2

Adjectives are used to describe either the nature or number of noun. While IELTS uses a quarter of its scoring

Emphatic Sentence Structure

Sometime to emphasize and sometime, perhaps to contradict what someone else has said or for dramatic effect, we use emphatic

Tense Use

 Always consider which of the following tense you should use: Present simple: things that are always true (the sky is

Adverbs in Task 2

Adverbs are words which modify or give extra information about verbs, adjectives, other words or whole clauses. We use adverbs

If Conditional

Conditional structures are used to talk about a condition, especially in result/consequence/problem/solution essay. Conditionals are complex sentences, which consist of

Active to Passive Voice in Task 2

Many countries today are experiencing problems associated with noise pollution (excessive noise above a normal background noise.) What are the

Time and probability qualifiers

You should know the effective language to talk about the probability of something or the timescales in which things happen.

Sentence Structure for Task 2

According to IELTS examiner, Barbara Adama, a friend of mine working for British Council, “One of the most common weaknesses


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